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Short People Short people share some of the same difficulties big people do. They need to find a vehicle in which they can remain 10

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Why should you lower driving age?

the government should lower the driving age to 15 or 16 because it could help people (young people) to be more responsible for there self's he

Should the government lower the driving age from 16?

I think they should change the driving age to stop people crying and give them sexual fantasys

What should you set your thermastat at in the winter?

68 at night and 72 during the day is where most people feel comfy with. The lower the better as long as you're comfortable with it. No hard and fast rule. The lower the temp the lower your power bill.

How do you save gas driving a steep hill?

You can save gas driving a steep hill by driving the car at a lower RPM.

What is the ideal temperature if you have 21-23 Celsius outside temperature?

The answer depends on ideal for what and for whom. Some people are more comfortable at higher temperatures than others. For some activities, such as vigorous exercise, a lower may feel more comfortable.

Arguments to lower the driving age?

yes, they should

Should they lower the driving age to 13?


Should government lower the driving age from 16?


Does a lift kit lower gas mileage?

no. only careful driving can lower gas milage.

Should government lower the driving age?

No they should not as if they do there will be reckless driving more often even though the driving age has been lowered

How do you lower hydrocarbon emissions 1985 dodge?

Stop driving it.

What is a P0506 trouble code on a 2005 ford explorer?

Trouble code P0506 means:Idle control system RPM lower than expected

What can you do to improve traffic problems?

People can improve traffic problems by paying attention while driving so there are less accidents. People can also ride bikes to locations t lower traffic.

Problems of lower driving age?

Honestly, Most teens are too iresponsible, driving teaches some responsiblity, when their parents can't. Even if we changed it it would not make a difference the way people drive. When they are first getting there license...

How to tell if your 2002 Jeep liberty is burning oil?

Mark the level on the dipstick. If after driving 500 miles, it is lower and there are no external leaks, it is burning oil.Mark the level on the dipstick. If after driving 500 miles, it is lower and there are no external leaks, it is burning oil.

Is the commercial Drivers license blood alchola content lower while driving your own automobile verses driving a commercial vechile?


How can you improve your mpg on your 93 deville?

Driving conservatively and on the lower end of gears

Why would it be a good idea to lower the driving age to 12?

No. That would be a mistake! =]

When driving As you approach a steep uphill grade in the mountains what do you do?

shift to a lower gear

Why does a red arrow in the dashboard flash when i am driving my Volvo 850 1995 aut?

Make sure the car is in Drive and not a lower gear when driving. It is easy to skip over drive and place it in a lower gear without realizing it.

Do you wear your mouthpiece on the upper or lower jaw?

Is really what makes you comfortable, Most players wear it on the upper jaw.

Can the completion of a defensive driving course lower your insurance premium?

Car insurences look very very very fondly on people who enroll in defense driving courses. And to answer your question, yes, it most definetly is possible that they will lower your premium. I say its possible because theres no way for sure i can tell you every insurance company will do that for you, but i theres a very good chance they will.

What are the benefits to a pillow top mattress?

It provides you with better neck and back support. It is also much more comfortable. It supports your hip and lower back areas as well. It is great for people who toss and turn at night.

Does houses have a bearing on people's well being?

Yes and No, If a home is comfortable, reliable (not having to have constant repairs) and secure you will feel more comfortable there, therefore your stress level will lower and stress does have a large impact on your physical and mental well being. Conversely, if you are having trouble making mortgage payments, having to do constant repairs, hate the area you live in or are otherwise uncomfortable in your home you will have a lot of stress and that can absolutely affect your well being.

How much could aggressive driving lower your gas mileage?

It can decrease your mileage by 75%.