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being in a really cool gang that wears the sunglasses on their top lip.

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El Salvador most common food is pupusa everybody loves pupusas in El Salvador people say that El Salvador is known for pupusas

Most jobs in the country are the same as america and canada.One big job in el salvador are coffe bean productions.

He was the archbishop of San Salvador, El Salvador.

Yes El Salvador Does have Mountains, In fact most of El Salvador is mountainous. It has Volcanoes too.

although howler and white-faced monkey are native to el salvador their numbers have been depleted by extreme deforestation. so monkey are definitely no longer a common animal in el salvador.

Gomez,Rodriguez,Santiago,Lopez etc

One of the most profitable businesses in el salvador is Bar and Restaurant Business

They have the border. It is the south-west border of Guatemala and the East and North-east border of El Salvador.

The capital and largest city in El Salvador is San Salvador.

El Salvador is the name of the Nation, while San Salvador refers to the capital of El Salvador. In most Latin American and Latin-influenced nations, "San" or "Santa" are names given to major cities due to the spanish colonization that brought catholism to such regions. "EL" Salvador refers to "THE" EL SALVAdOR or "the" republic of el salvador. ' in all categories.

People in El Salvador eat pickles, french fries and the most special; Pizza!

Bishop Romero was born and lived most of his life in El Salvador.

In El Salvador they celebrate Christmas, day of the dead and the most popular the day of there independence.

Central El Salvador Mission - 28,743 East El Salvador Conference - 52,347 Metropolitan El Salvador Conference - 36,338 Paracentral El Salvador Mission - 36,576

What they have in common is that they are all on the coast.

The most popular sport in El Salvador is Soccer

No. El Salvador is a country.

El Salvador is a Republic.

There is not a Hollister in El Salvador.

Pineapples, chocolate plants, tick tacks, coconut milk but mostly Pupusa.

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