What is the most common month for babies to be born in?

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It depends when you are pregnant. Add nine months to that. And you get your answer. Mostly in June through August.
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What was the most common name for babies being born in 2011?

1) Isabella, Izabella 2) Sophia, Sofia 3) Emma 4) Olivia 5) Ava 6) Emily, Emilie 7) Abigail, Abbiegail, Abbie 8) Madison, Madisyn 9) Chloe, Khloe 10) Mia 11) Lily, Lilly, Lil
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What are the most common diseases of new born baby?

I'm not sure If I'm right. Hemolytic - Means Breaking down Red Blood Cells. Erythroblastosis - Refers to making of immature red blood cells. Fetalis - Refers to Fetus.