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Metric as in the METRIC SYSTEM

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What are the different system of measurement?

Most commonly Imperial and Metric, which is generally used in most all countries. But there is also many systems of measurement that tie in with science and physics which included, but are not limited to:the ancient systemthe medieval systemthe english systemthe metric systemthe international system

What is the most widely used system of measurement in science?

The International System of units (SI units)

In measurement what is 'L' abreviated for?

The "L" is in the metric system for liter, which is most commonly used with liquids.

What are the two systems of measurement commonly used in the world?

The system of measurement commonly used in most of the world is the SI or Metric system. Aside from that one, there are various others that are used in small areas by relatively few people. One of those is the "English" system, used in Burma, Liberia, and the USA.

What is the definition of us customary system?

The United States customary system (also called American system or, sometimes, "English units") is the most commonly used system of measurement in the United States.

What unit of measurement is used most by scientist?

The standard for science the world over is the metric system, and most commonly the mks system of units. This stands for meter, kilogram, seconds. Different sub-fields may use slightly tweeked units like the cgs system which stands for centimeter, gram, seconds but these are still metric units.

What are the two system in measurement?

as i know.. the two systems in measurement are the ..metric and English system are the most commonly foundfor mOre infO..juxt add meh at ur friendster.. hirs mah eaDd ..chrizthine_blackrose@yahoo.comtnx.. :)

The measurement system most commonly used in the US originated in what country?

They are basically imperial units which were developed in Britain, though some of their origins are Roman and Saxon.

What is the metric measurement of weight?

The unit for mass that is most commonly associated with the metric system is the kilogram. Strictly speaking, "weight", which is a type of force, is measured in Newtons.

3 Which unit of measurement is used the most in science and engineering around the world?

The metric system is most widely used, used in every country with the exception of America and Belize.

Which unit of measurement is used the most in the science and engineering around the world?

The unit of measurement that is used the most in science and engineering around the world is the meter and variations of the meter. Variations include the centimeter and millimeter.

Which system of measurement is used most in science and engineering around the world?

The SI, or International System (System Internationale), also known as the KMS system because it consists of the following: for mass: kg for length: m for time: s

What system of measurement is used in countries?

Most countries use the metric system.

What system of measurement do most scientists use?

Scientists use the metric or SI units of measurement.

How does the name SI relate to the Metric System?

SI, the abbreviation for Systeme International (French), refers to the International System of Weights and Measures and is commonly referred to as the metric system. It includes the standard units of measurement used in most countries except the U.S.

What is gr in measurement?

Gr can stand for either grain or gross, but is most commonly used as gram.

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