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Most as in "Production cars": Bugatti Veyron with the W16

Most as in, possible amount: The sky is the limit, depending on how much money you have.

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How many cylinders has Chevy beretta?

Depending on the individual car, they come with 4 cylinders or 6 cylinders.

How many cylinders In a formula one car?

6 cylinders, as per regulations,

How many cylinders are present in electric engine car?

An electric motor has no cylinders.

What do you do when your car is running out 3 cylinders?

Buy a new car.

How many cylinder is in a V6 3.4 Liter?

If your car is a V6, it means it has six cylinders. If your car is a V8, it means that it has eight cylinders.

What is the standard size of a car?

The most standard sized car is the mid-sized sedan. Most sedans are medium sized models with four doors, five seats, and 6 cylinders.

How many cylinders does an Indy car have?


What are car cylinders made of?

pig stomics

What is 1800cc?

1800 CC is the exact capacity of cylinders in a car. The horsepower of a car depends on the CC. 1800 CC means the Cubic Centimeter of Cylinders.

Why does car car get hot?

because located in the engine are the cylinders. these cylinders are powered by exploding gas forcing the pistons downward to spin the drive shaft. the explosions are what causes the heat and the radiator is what cools it off. car car?

Is a deloroan a 4 cylinder car?

No. Six cylinders.

How many cylinders have the Bugatti?

Depends on the model of the car the well-known Bugatti Veyron haves 16 cylinders.

What happens to a car when there are more cylinders?

A car that has more cylinders, unltimatley has more pistons inside of the cylinders so the create more energy in a shorter period of time, but they also would have a lower mpg because they use more gas as well.

In a car are cylinders and the gas tanks the same thing?

No. cylinders is where the gas gets burned. Gas tank is the where the gas is kept. Cylinders are in the motor. Tank is commonly under trunk.

What is a car intake value?

It is where fuel and air enter the cylinders.

How many cylinders in an Indy 500 car?


What wheel cylinders will fit1974-1980 club car?

I also have a 1980 Club car and the gentelman at the local golf shop said Pinto wheel cylinders would fit.

What happens to a car when when there are more cylinders?

Generally more power as long as the car is naturally aspirated.

How many cylinders are in an inline engine?

Depends on the car, inline engines can range in size from 2 cylinders to 8 and higher. You will not likely find any car with an inline 8 engine though, because it is too long. The most common are the straight-four, straight-five, and straight-six.

Graduated cylinders are marked in units of?

Graduated cylinders are most commonly marked in millileters.

Who manufactures, sells, and installs hydraulic cylinders for car transport trucks?

The surplus manufactures, sells and installs hydraulic cylinders for car transport trucks. You can go to a mechanic shop and they will have them replaced.

What can be shaped?

Most cans are cylinders.

Why is my car weak on accelerating?

your car might be weak on accelerating because it isn't firing on all cylinders.

Does a car have as many pistons as it does cylinders?

YES ! -Each cylinder in a conventional car engine has one piston.

What is one way to reduce friction in a car engine?

polish the cylinders

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