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Is the most dangerous animal on he world

Besides or even more so than man. The most dangerous animals in the world are either the common house fly or the mosquito. These are due to all the diseases they carry.

humans, we have guns The Human Being The Human Being

mosquito lion jellyfish shark elephant

Dolphin ***** Humans are the cleverest animal in the world.

No it is the most dangerus shark but not most dangerous animal.

no they are not even the venomous snake in the world and the dangerous animal in the animal kingdom is the box jellyfish.

jelly fish is the most dangerous sea animal the most dangerous jelly fish is the box jelly fish

The least dangerous animal in the world is a well probably a house fly.

Humans because they kill any animal?

human beings. besides that, hippopotomuses.

No. Humans are the smartest things in the world.

Lists of the most dangerous animals usually give top billing to the mosquito. Estimates are that they transmit diseases to almost 700 million people annually resulting in 2 to 3 million deaths every year.

answer:a waspthe smallest animal in the world beside bacteria is a parasitic waspno no no its an ant stupid its way smaller

you tell me what the answer is man. Syke the fastest animal in the world is usian Bolt.

Mammoths were a big-dangerous animal in their land, one that they hunted. The presence of mammoths diminished because of humans. Cavemen drew on cave walls because they were developing awareness, they were seeing themselves in their world (and mammoths were in their world). That was the beginning of the brilliant, awful reign of humans on earth. We became very sentient.

mosquito mosqits are also the most dangerous animal on earth thanks to the germs they carry.

its jaguar.. they are considered to be the most powerful animal on the western hemisphere.... they are the most strongest one..

mooses are dangerous and are the most agressive animals in the north :))One of it is lion but it's not as dangerous as a Mosquito! I know! Mosquitoes can kill u! They Are VERY dangerous PeterFoster111: Yes, the mosquito is the most dangerous. But, the most dangerous animal in the whole whide world besides the mosquito, is man.Last time I checked mosquitoes were classified as insects, not animals. And enough with the cliches about how "man" is the most dangerous animal - the person is simply asking which animals are the most dangerous. To answer this, I would base it off of the number of humans killed each year by the specific animals, so that would make snakes, crocodiles, elephants, hippos, and lions the most dangerous animals.Some of the most dangerous animals are elephants. really. They are large, fast and if you get stepped on by one, or charged, you are a goner. Also, wild cats like tigers and leopards are the most dangerous wild cats. Of course, there are more dangerous animals than these. Also, the Komodo Dragon is quite dangerous, but they are not common.

there is alot of animals that are quite dangerous. Some of the most dangerous are cobra's and great white sharks (yuck i hate sharks!). Even hippo's are really dangerous!

Vultures are only dangerous if you are a dead animal.

its a type of animal that helps us humans

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