What is the most dangerous breed of dog?

Any dog can be dangerous if it is not taken care of properly and is abused.

One that is not socialized.

the above answer is wildly imprecise. a badly taken care of Chiwawa is obviously nothing like as dangerous as a badly cared for pittbull. top ten lists of most dangerous dogs, who have been bred specifically for fighting skills, strength, and in some cases proneness to rage typically include the American Pittbull, Italian and French Mastiff, Rottweiler, Presa Canaria, and Japanese Tosa. anyone who thinks that a dog's likelihood to pose a threat to people (mostly children) comes down entirely to the owner is a liability to public safety themselves. dogs are not to be held responsible, or course, since they can't defend themselves in court. - but if a dog is built like a brick ***house, and has jaws the size of a bear trap, and has been specifically bred to fight, how hard is it to figure out if it's a threat to people or not?

And your answer is wildly inaccurate. No dogs are prone to rage. It is impossible to know the likelihood that any dog of a particular breed will attack, because it is not possible to know the number of dogs of a particular breed that there are. If you don't know the total population of a breed, you can not calculate the percentage of those dogs that have attacked. Existing dog bite statistics are

highly misleading, because they do not take into account the popularity of a breed. If a breed is more popular, it will likely make up a larger percentage of total dog bites. But that does not say anything for that particular breed's likelihood to bite.

^ i see what your saying, but your actually pretty 'inaccurate aswell' , a chiwawa could be just as potentially dangerous as a pitbull - it really does depend on how its brought up. so yes, a pitbull is a fighting dog. but not every pitbull will have the same instincts ? it could be bred of a non fighting dog. It would seem a pitbull could do more damage , but a chiwawa still could be more of a potential danger, again, it depends on the up bringing. And i don't think any dog should be blamed for bites. okay, its the dogs jaws that are clamping shut but think about who has brought him up to do this? yeah, so people should expericence a pitbull before marking them off the list.

All these are completely right! I have a rotti and he almost killed a couple people bit with me he is so sweet he is a calm dog now and i don't have to worry but you never now they could turn they're backs on you like nothing