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Among the native Australian animals: The male platypus is possibly considered one of the mot dangerous mammals in Australia because it has a poisonous spur on its hind leg. This poison is enough to cause excruciating pain to humans, but would not kill them. On the other hand, the poison is sufficient to kill a small dog. The dingo, although not truly native, is also dangerous, and in some areas of Australia are becoming increasingly more aggressive as they become used to people. On Fraser Island, off the Queensland coast, dingo attacks on children are becoming more frequent - and of course, there is the notorious case of baby Azaria Chamberlain who was taken by a dingo at Ayers Rock in 1980. Among the non-native animals: Packs of feral, wild dogs (not dingoes, but mixed breeds) remain one of the most dangerous threats to people and animals. Wild boars, Brahman bulls and short-tempered camels also deserve to be given a wide berth!

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Is the Bilby the most endangered mammal in Australia?

No. The most endangered mammal in Australia is Gilbert's potoroo.

What is the most dangerous mammal ever?

The hippopotamus is reputed to be extremely dangerous to humans.

Whats the most dangerous mammal in the world?


What is the most dangerous mammal to humans?

The most dangerous mammal to humans is another human. Humans kill more other humans than any other species on earth. If we eliminate humans, the hippopotamus is the most dangerous mammal on earth. It kills more people each year in Africa than any other mammal (excluding other humans, of course.)

Is the box jellyfish the most dangerous animal in Australia?

Yes. The box jellyfish is indeed the most dangerous animal in Australia.

10 most dangerous places in Australia?

The most dangerous place in Australia is Sydney 2nd Adelaide 3rd Melbourne

What is the rarest species of animal in Australia?

The rarest and most endangered mammal in Australia is Gilbert's Potoroo.

What is the most dangerous city in Australia?

Sydney is more likely to be the most dangerous city in Australia because there can be a lot of crime there, avoid Kings Cross in Sydney. It's the most dangerous place in Sydney!

Which is the most dangerous spider?

The funnel web spider which is found in Australia is the most dangerous spider.

Which country has the most dangerous animals?


What is most dangerous to Florida's state marine mammal?

Recklessly driven speedboats.

Where is the most dangerous jellyfish located?

The most dangerous jellyfish are found off the coast of Brazil. The second most dangerous are found in the Great Reefs of Australia.

What country do the most dangerous crocodiles live?


What is the mammal emblem for South Australia?

The mammal emblem for South Australia is the hairy-nosed wombat.

Which mammal is the most dangerous?

Humans would be the most dangerous because we kill almmost everything. We make tons of animals endangered because of hunting and environment lost.

What are the most Dangerous mammals of North America?

I'm going to have to say, the Wolverine is the most dangerous mammal of North America. They fight of Grizzlies and take down Moose.

What is the most dangerous mammal to man?

Tiger or lion, possibly. For herbivore, possibly a moose or a bull.

Is a red back spider dangerous?

Yes the redback is one of the most dangerous spiders in Australia.

What is the most dangerous snake in the world if you know?

The most dangerous snake in the world is the Tiger Snake. This is snake is mostly located in Australia.

What is the most dangerous mammal in the world which is smaller than a fully grown male lion?

the whitetailed deer

Which dangerous animal killed the most people in Australia?

it is a:black corba

Is a Bilby a mammal?

Yes, it is.The bilby is an endangered mammal of Australia. Specifically, it is a marsupial.

If a platypus lives in a zoo where would it most likely be located?

In or near Australia. The platypus, an egg-laying mammal, is native to eastern Australia and Tasmania.

What do you have to be careful of in Australia?

Australia is home to some of the most dangerous creatures in the world. Being careful in Australia is mostly about being aware of the surroundings.

Which mammal is the most dangerous not human?

I would say the large cats, leopards, cougar, panther, lion, tiger are by far the most dangerous animal group to individual humans. Most dangerous to the human species as a whole is the common rat for the diseases they carry and spread.