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What is the most dangerous mountain the world?


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July 12, 2009 12:50PM

Annapurna is now a days considered by statistician as the most dangerous 8000-meter peak with an expedition fatality rate of 40.8%. Of the 142 people who have attempted to summit Annapurna 58 have died.

Yet K2 is still the most dangerous for others as its fatality rate remains constant, whereas Annapurna's and Nanga Parbat's (Nanga Parbat claimed 31 lives before it was conquered by Austrian Herman Buhl in 1953 and more than 100 deaths already) are skewed due to the high number of deaths early on. Everest has a 7.3% fatality rate with 192 climbers dead out of 2,561, K2 with 24.5% fatality rate with 66 dead out of 269 climbers.