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The most dangerous preadator of the ocean are Sharks.

The most dangerous predator in the whole intire world is a Shark.


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Fish aren't really dangerous, unless you're talkin about a paranha. But the most dangerous PREDATOR in the ocean is a killer Whale, or Orca. (both really mean the same thing!)

The most dangerous animal in the ocean is the probably lion fish

Dolphins are not considered dangerous.

the ocean is the most dangerous place beace of the currants espeaclly in the 1400 because of the north altantic currant and the south alantic ocean

No Dolphins in general are not dangerous to man.

The most dangerous animal in ther ocean is human being

Plastic is the most dangerous kind of trash found in the ocean.

Yes. Humans are the single most dangerous predator to wolves.

When they are flying, Hawks are the most dangerous predator. If the pigeons are in a loft or coup, cats are dangerous for them. Snakes also are dangerous for them if they nest in a tree.

Humans are the most devastating, by far. E.g. Devon 'Shark Attack' Endersby.

Killer whales have great white sharks for lunch!

A simile for "The Most Dangerous Game" would be , the ocean is like moist black velvet.

In the Indian ocean right smack dab in the middle

The killer whale (Orca) is the top predator of the ocean.

The exposition in the most dangerous game is the yacht, ocean, ship trap island, and when he's in the woods!!!

The reason why the most dangerous dinosaur (T-Rex) was so dangerous was because:It had razor sharp teeth that could go through any kind of boneAnd it had powerful jaws that could also bite through anything what so everAnd as a youngling they have venomous saliva so that if they ever bite a predator bigger then them they could bite and there predator and they would die

croe,cats,rats and hawks are few of the main predators in India

it was in INDIAN OCEAN it was a 9.3 earthquake.

The Pacific is the deepest and largest ocean in the world. I don't know about most dangerous, seems like that's the Indian Ocean.

lion (predator] . zebra (prey] For the ocean ; theres a conger eel (predator] and a wrasse (prey] ( ;

It is a carnivorous predator so, yes it is dangerous to its prey. However they are not dangerous to humans.

The only large predators that live in the jungle are the tiger and the jaguar.

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