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What is the most diverse group of gymnosperms?


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The most diverse group of gymnosperms are the conifers.


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A Fern is a gymnosper because gymnosperm are a diverse group of plants, and produce seeds without surrounding fruits.

Former Answer by some dummy: "The most diverse group is insects, which belong to the group ARTHROPODA*.*Arthropoda-Largest and most diverse animal phylum, mostly insects."This answer is completely wrong based on the question.Arthropods are invertebrates! They are the most numerous INvertebrates.The most diverse vertebrates are BONY FISH.

There are four groups of gymnosperms: conifers,ginkgoes,cycads,and gnetophytes.The seres of gymnosperms are not enclosed in a fruit.

InsectsNote: This answer is acceptable if by group you were asking for Class. But the most diverse "group" would be invertebrates, since they are ~95% of all animals. If you were asking for Phylum, it would be Arthropoda.Canis lupus would be an incredibly diverse species.

The gymnosperms and angiosperms together compose the spermatophytes or seed plants.

The major animal group gymnosperms linked to are the dinosaurs. When their population grew so did that of the dinosaurs.

"Gymnosperms are a group of spore-bearing, non-flowering plants; common examples of Gymnosperms are the Pine, Cypresses and Spruce."

The largest and most diverse group of fish are the ray-finned fishes. These include many, but to name a few; seahorses, pipefish, puffer-fish and flatfish...etc.

The least diverse group of animals is Insects.

They are a diverse group.

The reproductive structures of most gymnosperms are called cones.

Of all the terrestrial vertebrates, birds are the most diverse and successful. There are about 10,000 known living, or extant, bird species.

pine trees (with pine cones) are classified in the group in the Gymnosperms group.

Anthropods is the largest and most diverse of all animals. These animals have segmented bodies that are supported by an exoskeleton. This group includes spiders, crustaceans, millipedes, and centipedes.

A diverse work group is a group of people comprised of more than one race, culture, and ethnicity. Also, a diverse group can be comprised of people that have different technological skills and degrees.

Gymnosperms, particularly the seed ferns belonging to Cycadeoedea group

Groups 3-12 have elements with the most diverse set of properties in the periodic table. They are transition elements.

yes because it belongs to phyla Arthropoda which are the most diverse group of invertebrates

Most of the living gymnosperms are trees except a few Cycads and alpine Junipers.

Transition elements are more diverse. They are placed in group 3-12.

The group that produces fruits and vegetables are angiosperms. Gymnosperms produce conifers like cedar and softwoods like pine and fir.

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