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What is the most durable mp3 player?

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The most durable mp3 player i used is Meizu M6 2.4 Inch MP3 Player With FM 4GB. The Meizu MP3 Player is an addition to the big family of MP3 players. It has many features which gives this product an edge over other entertaining gadgets.

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What is a durable mp3 player for kids?

The SanDisk Shaker mp3 player is a perfect choice for kids. It is durable, designed for kids, available in pink for girls and blue for boys. This mp3 player is inexpensive and priced under $40.00

What is the most durable mp3 player out there - NO i-pods not worth mentioning because I'll never buy one?

http://www.freestyleaudio.comthey make the most durable mp3 player around. Waterproof (up to ten feet), resistant against cold, As well as shock proof. Sadly they only come in 1 or 2 gig

What's the most portable mp3 player?

The most portable mp3 player is Philips SA1929/37 2 GB Flash Audio MP3 Player.

When you delete a song from your MP3 Player Playlist does it also delete it from the MP3 Player'?

No, but it might depend on the mp3 player...most of them won´t erase it

How can I find out about the iPod mp3 accessories and their feedback?

IPod mp3 accessories have been know to be some of the most durable of their kind. Not only are they durable, they are also affordable! With customizing styles and comforts, a diverse selection of people will be satisfied with these products.

Is there an mp3 player that I can buy for my ten year old that he won't immediately break?

I would suggest an ipod or any other mps player with a very durable case. iPods are know for being pretty durable.

Do many mp3 players come with a remote control?

It really depends on what type of mp3 player you want. Most of the mp3 players that have a remote were made for your car or truck. Most mp3 player docks come with remotes.

What is the most durable CD player?

D&M Pro - PMD340 Professional CD Player is considered to be one of the most durable players in the business

Where could one purchase a SanDisk MP3 player?

A SanDisk MP3 player can be purchased at most retailers such as Target and WalMart. A SanDisk MP3 player can also be purchased at stores such as BestBuy and RadioShack.

What MP3 player has the most memory?

The iRiver T7 Volcano 2GB Flash Memory MP3 Player features the most flash memory currently on the market.

Can you upload iTunes to an mp3 player?

no. an mp3 player plays mp3's .. hence the name. an mp3 player cannot run applications ( i.e. itunes) i think the wuestion you meant to ask was "can you sinc your mp3 player(non-ipod) with itunes" and the answer is yes, you can. well for most mp3 players. if not, just get windows media player, it seems to work pretty well.

What is the most sold mp3 player?

The Apple iPod.

What is the most popular mp3 player in the US?


Can you download MP3 files to PC then to MP3 player and how to do so?

Yes and it depends on the mp3 player. Most of mp3 player nowadays have a drag and drop function for your music files. Check your manual if there is a need for a specific software like itunes for ipod.

What is a walkmen MP3?

A Walkman mp3 player is an mp3 player developed by Sony.

How do you transfer songs from a media player to an MP3 player?

Windows Media Player uses WMA format most of the time. This needs to be converted to MP3 format for playing on MP3 player. All to All - Audio Conversion Wizard is a good program to covert WMA to MP3. Your mp3 player will have a usb cable to connect to the computer, then drag and drop the MP3 song files to the drive on MY Computer that is your MP3 player. If your player is not showing up, then reload the drivers disk for the player onto the computer so it can recognize your player. this is not the same question dumb butt!

Is the Ematic a MP3 player?

Yeah its an MP3 player

How do you get mp3 player on fantage?

You get the MP3 Player from gems.

What is a MP3 player from?

a mp3 player form is were you can download your favorite song from the computer to the mp3.

What is the smallest mp3 player?

The smallest mp3 player is the iPod shuffle 2010. The iPod shuffle is almost as a coin and can fit in the palm of your hand. Most mp3 players are as big as a mini notepad.

Do the mp3 player portable speakers hook up to any mp3 player?

Yes, mp3 player portable speakers hook up to any mp3 player. This is because mp3 player portable speakers hook up to an mp3 player's headphone jack, and all mp3 players have headphone jacks.

Which portable CD player has the most features?

RioVolt SP100 Portable CD/MP3 Player with 120 Second Anti-Shock has a lot of features. It is both a CD player and MP3 player.

Where can I find a good mp3 player remote?

The best and most affordable place to find a good mp3 player remote is You can choose from many retailers and pick the one with the best price for mp3 player remotes. Also, check out technology magazines to better compare the models of mp3 player remotes.

If your MP3 player froze what do you do?

if your mp3 player froze what do u do?

What is better an iPod or other Mp3 players?

An ipod in MY opinion. It is durable and comes in many different styles. Most other ones are crappy.

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