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One of the most energy efficient water heating methods is the heat pump water heater. This method is proven to be two times more efficient over the standard electric water heater.


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I have no experience in this, however A. O Smith claims that there brand of gas water heaters are the most efficient. They also offer a hybrid water heater.

A tankless water heater is much more efficient than a traditional water heater because it only heats the water that is being used instead of heating and reheating water stored in a tank. Rinnai, Rheem, and Bosch all make versions of tankless water heaters that are well-reviewed.

Any heater that has the Energy Star label will be very energy efficient. The Honeywell eco line, for instance, are very energy efficient.

The most energy efficient radiator heater is the oil filled one. A better option would be an electrical one because those are almost 100% energy efficient.

The question is better defined as "What the most energy efficient portable heater?" Because one would assume that you will want to be able to take the heater with you when or if you move.

If an instant, on demand water heater is to expensive or for some reason not an option for you, look into solar.

Distillation is perhaps the most effective method of water purification, but it is not the most efficient because it requires much more energy than any other method.

Aerobic respiration is the most efficient method for a facultative anaerobic cell to generate ATP.

The Nazi found gassing the most efficient method for mass murder.

Tankless. A tankless heater heats the water as you use it. It doesn't store hot water and keep it hot day and night whether any is used or not. The water is heated almost instantaneously, and the heater will keep the hot water flowing as long as the water is turned on.

A large energy saving one. It will keep lots of hot water and will use less energy when not in use.

There is no single answer to this question. Water heaters with Energy Star certification are your best bet. However, the important considerations are what you need. If you get the right size, set the right temperature, and insulate your water heater, that will make more difference than the specific brand. The most energy efficient hot water heaters are tankless. Check your local Home Depot or Lowes for pricing and installation information.

In the absence of other information, it is the most efficient.

Electrical water heater is the most effective but the most expensive as well. I suggest you to purchase a solar panel to heat water.

Gas-fired, storage-based water pumps are the most energy efficient type.

Vornado is the brand of heater that is the most energy efficient. If used properly, Vornado heaters can heat just as well as a larger heater, for a much lower cost. They are small, portable, and can heat large rooms. Some of them even have thermostats or timers to increas efficiency.

Indirect water heaters are one of the most energy efficient, low cost water heaters on the market today. It stores 40 gallons of water for the cost of $0.05 per day.

Heat rises so a bottom supply will work best.

yes It is the most efficient and practical method of application.

Point of use CHEAPER to use in most cases

Water is a pretty exclusive liquid. Boiling it will leave behind almost anything that's mixed in. After boiling all the water, there will be all the dried salt residues and probably several other substances, too. Distillation is the most efficient way to get pure water.

The Fahrenheat Electric 5120 BTU Baseboard Heater is very energy efficient. Because of its "baseboard" design, it is not necessary to use a powerful to disperse the heat. It uses natural radiance, which saves on electricity costs.

The difference between a mobile gas water heater and a standard gas water heater is that a MH unit will use an outside air intake for combustion. That is the most important difference.

The superlative of efficient is "most efficient."

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