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Corinthin leather.

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Q: What is the most expensive leather used in car seats?
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I've used just plain, undiluted Windex on my leather seats for years. It gets rid of the black build-up from sweat and oil that leather seats tend to get. I used to buy expensive leather care, but this works just as good and the folks at Ming auto detailing use Windex too.

What is merino leather?

Merino leather is the high end designer kind of leather if you might call it. It's whats used in most designer cars' leather seats also, such as the BMW M class. It is a very fine type of leather.

What does leather seat TRIM on a motor vehicle mean and how does it differ from leather seat?

Typically "leather seat trim" means that small amounts of leather are used decoratively as accents. "Leather Seats" typically means that the seats are upholstered almost entirely (more than 90%) with leather.

What are the importance of leather craft industry?

At one time, all shoes had leather soles. Most fine footwear has leather tops for durability. All saddles are leather. Horse tack is leather. Leather is a durable material used as a covering for furniture. Fine automobiles have leather seats and interiors.

How much do leather shoes cost?

Expensive leather shoes used from crocodile leather is about $70 to $120. Cheaper leather shoes are $50 to $80

Is chamois leather an expensive leather?

Chamois leather can be expensive, but primarily it is used for absorbing moisture (especially in car washing). Some of its moisture absorbing properties come from is saturation with cod oil.

Why is fiber used for seats in cars?

fibre is used in car seats, because it provides a comfortable seat to it in, here are some fibres which are used in car seats: Polyester, Coconut fabric, leather, fabretti, etc...

Who used the different sections of the globe theatre?

The "different sections" are governed by price as much as anything. As a result, the cheapest seats (which weren't seats at all, but standing room) went to the poorest people, the more expensive seats to the wealthier people, and the most expensive of all went to the richest.

What is Adidas's k leather?

It's a type of leather used by Adidas. It is kangaroo leather which is very soft. I have a pair of Adidas boots with K Leather. They're soft leather, and great boots. Also, K Leather is expensive

How can you get ballpoint pen marks off a leather sofa?

I have used armor all cleaning wipes on my leather seats in the car, and it gets the ink pen stains out.

What is the skin of a cow used for?

Their skin is known as hide it is used for, leather, purses, wallets, clothing, gloves, car seats, rugs etc.

What materials are used to make motorbikes?

Many different materials are used to make motorbikes. The most commonly used materials include: Steel, chrome, aluminum, plastic (For the covering), rubber (For the tires), and vinyl/leather or foam (for the seats).

What is cow skin used for?

Leather. Wallets, purses, shoes, belts, coats, furniture, auto seats, luggage, etc, etc.

Why is leather used to make car seats?

It lasts a long time, is cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and gives the car some style.

What is the difference between durahide softballs and leather softballs?

durahide softballs are usually/ should be less expensive and are often used in games for this reason. leather softballs are a lot better for pitching.

What matieral did the Romans use to make sandals?

The Romans used leather to make sandals.The Romans used leather to make sandals.The Romans used leather to make sandals.The Romans used leather to make sandals.The Romans used leather to make sandals.The Romans used leather to make sandals.The Romans used leather to make sandals.The Romans used leather to make sandals.The Romans used leather to make sandals.

What is the most expensive us fighter jet?

The most expensive fighter jet is the F-22 Raptor. The most expensive Fighter used to be the F-15 eagle.

Why are basketballs made of rubber and leather?

Basketballs are made using leather, composite leather or rubber as the covering. Rubber balls may be all rubber and can be used in water indoors and out. Leather and composite leather basketballs are indoor balls and more expensive. The leather balls give better grip are more uniform and retain their shape better than rubber.

Where can one buy leather bags?

One can purchase leather bags at a leather specialty store, a retail store, or any place that offers to sell them. Some people are even fortunate enough to find expensive leather bags for a very deep discount as a used product in a Goodwill store.

What material makes cars?

Various materials are used to build cars. The external portion of a car uses metal. The seats may use cloth or leather.

What is recycled leather?

I think it is used leather unlike bonded leather.

What are the laces on the football made out of?

Polyvinyl chloride or leather is used for most laces.

What is the most expensive metal used in jewellery?


What is a upholstery?

Upholstery refers to the materials used to stuff and cover seats, couches, chairs, and most furniture that requires such, with the exception of bed mattresses. Upholstery can include a variety of materials including leather and vinyl, foam and cotton padding.

What are the most commonly used type of boat seats?

The most commonly used types of boat seats are the fold down seats and the pedestal seats. The fold down seats provide back support and cushioning and are enjoyed by passengers and fishermen alike. Pedestel seats can be adjustable in height and often swivel and can either be leaned on for support or sat on and are often found in fishing boats. In pleasure boats you might find different styles of boat seats such as lounge seats and seats with arm rests. Through searches on the web, it was obtained that fold-down boat seats are the most commonly used in any type of boat. The folding boat seats come in different varieties too; Back to back fold-boat seats are found in Ferry and lounge boats, whereas Double Chair Back Down folding-chairs are commonly used on a ship