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What is the most expensive penny?

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If you're referring to a US cent, the record holder as of 09/2011 is a 1943-D cent accidentally struck in bronze. In MS-64 condition it sold for somewhat under $2 million.

If you're referring to British pennies, there are several possible candidates but the 1933 1d coin is probably the most famous. Only 1 was struck and it is considered to be priceless.

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Most expensive penny?

2.5 million

What is the most expensive coin ever?

1943 copper penny

How much is the most expensive penny?

1.7 Million dollars. This is the highest known price to date paid for a penny. It was for the the only 1943-D bronze Lincoln cent.

A bad one always turns up to save is to earn thoughts come cheap expensive ones are pretty what are you?

A penny... turns up like a bad penny.A penny saved is a penny earnedA penny for your thoughts.A penny's cheap for what you need, for what you don't, it's dear (expensive)That costs a pretty penny

To cost a pretty penny?

The phrase means that something is very expensive. The origin comes from a gold penny that was minted in the 1200's that was worth 20 silver pennies. Because it was gold, it was a pretty penny, and if it cost a pretty penny, it was expensive indeed.

What does pretty penny mean?

To say something costs a 'pretty penny' is to mean the item is expensive

How expensive is the oldest penny?

12,000 million dollars

What does a pretty penny mean?

This is just an imaginative way of saying that something is expensive - it's not just worth a penny, the penny has to be pretty on top of it!

Which is the worlds expensive stamps?

The Penny Magenta of British Guiana.

How popular was the penny farthing?

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Where can you sell this penny?

What penny! :) Ebay most likely. Put on the description "lucky penny"

What is the most valuable Canadian penny worth?

The most expensive Canadian cent is the 1936 DOT, it sold at auction for $402,000 and there are only 3 known. I will add a link to the auction when it sold in January.

What is the most valuable wheat leaf penny?

are u talking bout what a penny can buy in most states a penny can not buy anything itself

What does the idiomatic saying 'cost a pretty penny' mean?

It means to be expensive or to cost alot. For example: My dress cost a pretty penny.

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The cheapest ticket was a penny to watch from 'The Pit'. The ground. The most expensive was a ticket costing a crown, to be sitting down.

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Did poor people have the penny farthing?

No. They were hand built, very expensive and not very practical.

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How much money is the most expensive penny worth?

1.7 Million dollars, that was what a collector recently paid for a 1943 copper penny made at the Denver mint, the only known 1943 copper penny struck there (keep in mind that the 1943 pennies were struck in steel, the copper 1943 pennies are errors).

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