What is the most famous German icon?

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Who are the most famous German people?

Adolf Hitler (he was Austrian) Wolgnag Mozart (he was German) Answer Albert Einstein Ludwig van Beethoven Engelbert Humperdinck (1854-1921) Immanuel Kant Rammstein

Most famous German Renaissance?

\nIf you mean German Renaissance painter, the answer is Albrecht Dürer and Lucas Cranach.

Who are the most famous German skiers?

Rosi Mittermeier (1976 Olympics) and Maria Riesch (2010 Olympics) Rosi's son is currently on the German men's alpine team, though his last name is not Mittermeier. Maria is be

Most famous alive German?

Bruce Willis is the most famous alive German. He was born March 19, 1955 in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.

Who is the most famous German singer?

One longtime favorite is named Heino (born Heinz Georg Kramm , December 13, 1938), a singer of traditional and contemporary music. He is one of the best selling German sing

Who is the most famous German Shepherd?

The most famous German Shepherd is probably Rin Tin Tin. Or it could also be Inspector rex. No its lassie !!! Idiot lassie wasnt a German Shepard

Who do you consider the most famous German?

Some people will say Adolf Hitler, however he was born in Austria therefore technically he isn't German. I'd say the most famous German person is Albert Einstein, however this

Who was Germans' most famous author?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was undoubtedly the most famous author Germany produced. He was poet, philosopher, thinker. 1749-1806 was his time.
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Who are the most famous German scientists?

Albert Einstein Is probably the most well known German Scientist, known for his theory of relativity and the resultant formula relating mass and energy; E = mc 2 . He was the
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Who is the most famous icon in Australia?

It could be; The Sydney Opera House The Sydney Harbour Bridge The Kangaroo The Koala Bear The outback Sir Donald Bradman (famous cricketer) Paul Hogan (famous larikin)