What is the most famous soccer field in the US?

For quite sometime the American people did not embrace soccer as much as they loved their football, basketball and baseball. The American fans couldn't get use to "no hands on" in the sport of soccer. Consequently, it was difficult to get the interest of the American people and those playing in soccer teams played on football fields (not really large enough or tough enough grass) to play on properly. Keeping up a soccer field is far greater work than keeping up a football field. The turf is different and a great area is needed for the soccer teams to run around. The move to "soccer-specific" stadiums has been seen by many as essential to building up attendance and fan support for MLS. So far every team that has built its own stadium has not only seen its game attendance rise, but also has helped MLS to come closer to the ultimate goal of breaking even financially. The Los Angeles Galaxy were the first team to make a profit, and other MLS teams are sure to follow eventually. MLS announced its first non-US team may be based out of a brand new, public and privately funded, provincially approved soccer-specific stadium in Toronto. The stadium will be owned by the City of Toronto and will be operated by the Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. The new stadium would hold approximately 20,000-25,000 fans, and cost roughly 80 million Canadian. This team would be one of two potential expansion teams to join the league in the 2007 season, with MLS receiving bids from several other major cities for league franchises. There is no doubt that the U.S. will get into the business of soccer. Believe it or not, other than the U.S., when there is a soccer game going on anywhere in the world fans of other countries switch over to watch the games. Marcy