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That is hard to say, but the tiger was voted most popular animal last year. Others would be the lion, panda, and elephant.

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What is the most famous animal in Peru?

The most famous animal in peru is a Llama

What is the most loving wild animal?

the most loving type of wild animal is the deer, it is so cute and cuddlly.

What is the current most popular wild animal in the world?

The most popular wild animal in the world is the cheetah this year!

The most famous animal in Afghanistan?

who is the most known animal in Afghanistan and also who is the most famous animal in Afghanistan

What is the most famous animal from Peru?

The most famous Peruvian animal is probably the Llama.

What is Fiji's most famous animal?

The famous animal of Fiji is the Iguana

What is the most wild animal in the world?

Animals can be either wild or domestic. One wild animal is not really wilder than another.

What is the most famous animal in England?

The most famous animal would probably be the lion, as it is the nations symbol.

Who is the most famous jammer on animal jam?

The name of the most famous person on animal jam is Cleverkid10.

The most abused wild animal?

The most abused wild animal must be the elephant. This is often poached by those who are engaged in ivory trade.

Show the famous wildanimal of South Africa with picture?

The famous wild animal of south Africa is the elephant.

Most popular animal in Germany?

the most common house animal is probably the cat, every house on the block either already has one, or is getting one. The most common wild animal is the wild boar.

What is the most domesticable wild animal?

There is no such thing as most domesticable. It is either domesticable or not. But the wildest animal that we have domesticated are pigs. Which come from the wild boars of southwest Asia

Steve Irwin interests?

Steve Irwin was a famous animal enthusiast who had his own show about animals in the wild. He is most famous for his work with animals like crocodiles and other large water animals.

What is the most famous animal in Antarctica?

The most popular animal in Antarctica is the king peinguin.

Is elephant a domestic animal or wild animal?

There are both domesticated and wild elephants, but they are mainly considered a wild animal.

What is the most famous animal in Australia?

The most famous, or well-known animal in Australia would be either the kangaroo or the koala. The kangaroo is certainly the most abundant.

What is the most famous Guatemala animal?

The most famous or well known animal in Guatemala is the national bird. The national bird for this country is the quetzal.

What is the most famous animal in Colombia?

The most famous animal in Columbia is the Andean Condor. This bird is the only species belonging to the classification of a vulture.

What do wild dogs get eaten by?

Wild dogs are eaten by whatever animal that is higher in the food chain and feel hungry. Most are ferocious and carnivorous so most of the time an animal that preys on the wild dog defeats it to get its dinner.

Is a wild animal an amphibian?

Not always because most dolphins, panda's, Lima etc are wild but lots of amphibians are wild.

Where do animal sanctuaries get most of their animals?

from neighborhood areas and the wild

What wild animal is the most popular?

it is a panda!!!!!!!!Animal Planet conducted a survey a few years ago, and the tiger was rated the most popular animal.

What are wild animals?

Any animal that has not been domesticated is a wild animal.

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