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WDW frightening attractionsIf just really depends on what frightens you! Don't you just hate that kind of answer? But it's true. One attraction that you love might be very frightening to others. So here's a summary of what makes some of the WDW thrill rides thrilling, arranged in the order of my personal "scary" factor:

First Level of Frightening: Mission: Space: Dark, indoors, closed space, spinning motion. Rock N Roller Coaster: Dark, indoors, high speed roller coaster with "launch", three inversions.

Second Level of Frightening: Tower of Terror: Dark, closed space, multiple drops inside high tower. Space Mountain: Dark, indoor roller coaster, kind of a rough ride compared to newer coasters. Haunted Mansion: Dark, indoor ride with ghost characters and loud noises.

Some people find Star Tours (dark, motion) and the Maelstrom (dark, troll characters) frightening. Some small children are even frightened by Snow White's Scary Adventure (dark, witch).

There aren't really terrifying rides. Everyone's different. for some people they might be afraid and say that the Haunted Mansion is scary while others will say The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Thrill Seekers say nothing, of course.
It naturally depends on your sensitivity level, but Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, Tower of Terror certainly can be considered the most frightening rides.

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Q: What is the most frightening ride at Walt Disney World?
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