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you can add a throttle body spacer, add a msd kit and platinum spark plugs and wires, cold air intake, you could gain about 15-20 more hp.

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โˆ™ 2006-12-16 20:46:39
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Q: What is the most horsepower you can get out of a stock 350 throttle body 1990 without doing anything to the pistons?
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What would the estimated horsepower be on a 383 with cam headers pistons edelbrock intake and carb?

without swaping heads or getting head work done your looking at approximatly 400 hp depending on the cam and intake and carb match.

Do the pistons and valvesconflict1.9?

Impossible to answer without knowing the make, model, and year.

Do you need to remove the throttle body to clean it?

A throttle body can be cleaned without removal. Several spray cleaners for throttle bodies are available at your local auto parts.

Can a Carburetor throttle be bought without replacing the whole works?

Turns out the problem was never the throttle, it was an experimental in-line fuse that went out.

What is the biggest cam and roller rockers you can put in a 1990 GMC Sierra 350 without doing anything to the pistons?

Seriously, don't mess with the cam that much unless you only plan to race it. Mild compression increase in the pistons and an RV cam will give you some decent improvement, and an exhaust header will also help.

How much horsepower does a stock 86 454 haved without emissions?

Advertised Horsepower is: 230 HP @ 3800 RPMs.

Are any engines made without pistons?

Yes, the pistonless rotary Wankel engine.

Is there more horsepower running without a muffler?

no *Correction - Reduced back pressure does usually result in more horsepower. Some cars run with resonators rather than mufflers which reduces the noise without as much back pressure, thereby increasing horsepower.

What causes a 1999 Jeep to run full throttle when started without the gas pedal being touched?

stuck throttle butterfly plate

How do you convert engine cc's to horsepower?

An engines cubic capacity cannot be converted, mathematically, to horsepower without a host of other information..

What would make a 2001 Malibu rpms rise without stepping on gas?

a sticking cable at throttle body or a idle air control sensor. check to make sure throttle, is not sticking at throttle plate.

How do you push the pistons up to change rings without disconnecting from the crank?

The pistons must be removed from the cylinders to replace the rings. Therefor, you must disconnect the rods from the crank. No options no alternatives period

How much horsepower does a 1500cc car has?

Not a lot! Without being model specific I would guess somewhere between 70 & 90 horsepower.

How much horsepower does a throttle body spacer add on to a 5.2L V 8?

It will add horsepower for sure , and you will feel the difference if your a good driver and know your car well . The increase depends on the engine situation and the car model too, on v8's it will usually increase from 5 to 20 hp and you can hit the 20 easily if you reprogrammed your computer , without reprogramming the gains will be from 5-15.

The first year the Detroit Pistons went without having an All-Star player was?


Can you change the crankshaft without removing the pistons in a Chevy 350 engine?

yes when the engine is out and upside down

Can you replace crankmainsand rod bearings without pulling off heads and removing pistons from bores?

No. Crank and main bearings can be get at by dropping the oil pan, but to get to the small end rod bearings you've got to get the pistons out.

Install nitrous on 300zx?

Yes, but usually only after you have upgraded your pistons. You can get a 50-100 shot without any mods to the engine. Since the 90-96 have twin cams, you will need two foggers assuming you are using a wet kit. They must be installed facing the Throttle body @ 6-12 inches away.

Who is the Detroit pistons all time leading scorer without playoff points?

Isiah Thomas with 18,822 points.

How long you can drive without getting the 2008 dodge charger electronic throttle fixed?

It would depend on what the problem is. All throttle problems can lead to a non running engine.

What is the difference between hp and bhp?

Horsepower and Brake horsepower are really the same thing as far as mathematical calculation. The difference is how it is measured. Brake horsepower is usually a measure of an engine's horsepower at the shaft WITHOUT anything attached to the engine that would normally be required like the water pump, alternator, power-steering pump, airconditioner, etc. Brake horsepower is usually a theoretical calculation or a measurement made only in a lab under controlled conditions since an engine cannot run without most of the things that it would be required to remove. In the lab/shop they would conect the engine to the dynomometer and then supply coolent, oil pressure, electricity, etc through external means.

How to fix a 1984 Cadillac Cimmarron That Idles To High?

Could just be throttle plate sticking--without engine running try to free with a screwdriver Could just be throttle plate sticking--without engine running try to free with a screwdriver

What is the horsepower of an 84 chev 305?

a 305 Chevy makes about 160 horsepower, though if its set up right it can make up to 350 without major modification

Can full throttle fury energy drinks test positive for cocaine?

Without a doubt, YES!

When will a PWC without rudders not turn even though the operator has turned the handlebars?

When the throttle is closed.