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you can add a throttle body spacer, add a msd kit and platinum spark plugs and wires, cold air intake, you could gain about 15-20 more hp.

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2006-12-16 20:46:39
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Q: What is the most horsepower you can get out of a stock 350 throttle body 1990 without doing anything to the pistons?
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What would the estimated horsepower be on a 383 with cam headers pistons edelbrock intake and carb?

without swaping heads or getting head work done your looking at approximatly 400 hp depending on the cam and intake and carb match.

Do the pistons and valvesconflict1.9?

Impossible to answer without knowing the make, model, and year.

Do you need to remove the throttle body to clean it?

A throttle body can be cleaned without removal. Several spray cleaners for throttle bodies are available at your local auto parts.

Are any engines made without pistons?

Yes, the pistonless rotary Wankel engine.

What is the biggest cam and roller rockers you can put in a 1990 GMC Sierra 350 without doing anything to the pistons?

Seriously, don't mess with the cam that much unless you only plan to race it. Mild compression increase in the pistons and an RV cam will give you some decent improvement, and an exhaust header will also help.

What's the meant by horsepower?

The horsepower refers to the measure of an engine's power without any loss caused by the gearbox or generator.

How much horsepower does a stock 86 454 haved without emissions?

Advertised Horsepower is: 230 HP @ 3800 RPMs.

Can a Carburetor throttle be bought without replacing the whole works?

Turns out the problem was never the throttle, it was an experimental in-line fuse that went out.

Is there more horsepower running without a muffler?

no *Correction - Reduced back pressure does usually result in more horsepower. Some cars run with resonators rather than mufflers which reduces the noise without as much back pressure, thereby increasing horsepower.

The first year the Detroit Pistons went without having an All-Star player was?


How do you convert engine cc's to horsepower?

An engines cubic capacity cannot be converted, mathematically, to horsepower without a host of other information..

What causes a 1999 Jeep to run full throttle when started without the gas pedal being touched?

stuck throttle butterfly plate

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