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Q: What is the most important factor that allows for synthesis of thousAnds of different proteins?
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The synthesis of these proteins is primarily directed by?

Proteins play a vital role in all cells. In fact, cells need thousands of proteins in order to function properly. The synthesis of these proteins is primarily directed by

How many different kinds of proteins does one cell cntain?

thousands of different proteins

What is involved in the synthesis of proteins?

RNA is involved in the synthesis of proteins.

The genetic code directs the synthesis of hundreds of different kinds of?


Why is accurate initiation of protein synthesis important?

It is the first step in creating proteins.

Are the number of cell ribosome allows to synthesis thousands of different protein?

The number doesn't effect the types of proteins that a cell produces. The DNA tells the ribosome (in a round about way) what the protein will be.

What important process is disrupted in bacterial cells when bacterial ribosomes are disabled by antibiotics?

The synthesis of proteins, of course. The ribosomes are the " workbench " on which proteins are synthesized. Without proteins for construction and enzymes the bacteria is in real trouble.

What do proteins do to your cells?

That depends on the specific protein, there are many thousands of different proteins each with different actions.

Where does synthesis of membrane proteins and secretory proteins happen?

Synthesis of proteins occurs in the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum.

Animal cells utilize many different proteins Discuss the synthesis of proteins in an animal cell?

gene expression, and differentation

Why is protein synthesis important for cells and viruses?

Protein synthesis is important for viruses because the virus forces the host cell to make proteins that the cell does not need, but the virus does to repoduce. Protein synthesis is important for cells because the proteins are essential for all cellular activites.

How do you easily explain protein synthesis?

The proteins are synthesized by joining the different series and sequence of nucleotide base pair which are then joined by the peptide bonds which are covalent in nature. The building blocks of proteins are the amino acids. The proteins are very important for any of the metabolism process in the body.