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What is the most inert form of carbon?

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Graphite is the most thermodynamically stable (more than diamond).

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The inert form of carbon?

Graphite is considered to be the most stable form.

Can helium form a ionic bond with carbon?

no. helium is chemically inert and will not form bond with any element (including carbon)

Is CO inert?

Carbon monoxide is not an inert gas.

What is the normal concentration of carbon monoxide in inert gas?

0.01% of carbon monoxide is present on inert gas

Which is the most reactive form of Carbon?

The most reactive form of carbon is charcoal.

Where is most of the Earth's carbon located and in what form?

Most of the Earth's carbon is located in the atmosphere. It is in the form of carbon dioxide

Is carbon inert or chemically active?

carbon is chemically active

Is carbon dioxide inert gas?


Is carbon active or inert?

Carbon is an active element in Group 14. There are only a handful of elements that are inert, and they are located in Group 18.

What is the most common form of carbon in the atmosphere?

The most common form of answer is Carbon-die-oxide and Carbon-mon-oxide.

Is carbon a halogen or an inert gas?

Carbon is a non metalic solid.

Most carbon dioxide is carried in the form of?

Most CO2 (carbon dioxide) is in the form of a gas in room temperature.

In what form is most carbon released into the atmosphere?

Carbon is released in the form of gas, as Carbon Dioxide, CO2, into the atmosphere

What effect does argon gas have on carbon?

Argon is chemically inert. It doesn't react with carbon.

Is carbon dioxide an inert gas?

No. Carbon dioxide will readily undergo chemical reactions.

Carbon in the atmosphere is most often found as what compound?

Carbon in the atmosphere is most often in the form of carbon dioxide.

Which elements is most reactive alkali metals or alkali earth metal or carbon family or inert gases?

alkali metals

What the from of carbon in the atmosphere?

Most of the carbon in the atmosphere is in the form of carbon dioxide, (CO2) gas.

Where is most of the earth's carbon located?

In the atmosphere, in the form of carbon dioxide

Most important characteristic of a carbon atom?

The bonds that carbon form are the most important charicteristic.

In what chemical form does most carbon dioxide travel in the blood?

Carbonic acid is the chemical form that most carbon dioxide travels in the blood.

Is Carbon chemically active or inert?

Covalent Bond. Chemically Active. The only elements that are inert are group 18, or 8A.

What is the most valuable form of carbon?


How do carbon bonds form?

Carbon forms covalent bonds in most types of atoms in most cases.

Ecosystems get most of their carbon dioxide from the?

Atmosphere. In the form of Carbon Dioxide :D