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What is the most likely cause of a malfunction with the pass-lock system on a gm car?

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Ciliated epithelium destroyed by disease would cause malfunction in which system?

respiratory systemrespiratory system

Would a worn ignition key cause the theft system to go to passlock mode so the vehicle won't start this vehicle is a 97 olds?

The thing that causes the PASSLOCK to activate is the chip, if you will. If the chip is bad, ar is unrecognizable to the system, the PASSLOCK will activate. Take it to a dealer asap. You can bypass the passlock by accessing the ignition, and cutting the yellow wire of a small 3 piece wire set that's on top of the ignition. cut the yellow small wire from ign. switch in the column up by the switch. this is the passlock wire.

What are the two types of damage that electrostatic discharge can cause in an electronic component?

they can cause your system to malfunction or it may make your system erase all or your data

What causes the engine to start but kill instantly on a 1997 oldsmoblie achieva?

the passlock antitheft system will cause a lack of fuel enable to injectors.

Ciliated columnar epithelium destroyed by disease would cause a malfunction in which of the systems?

respiratory system

What would cause vibration in brake pedal?

Could be that the rotors are "out of round" and pulsate Could be a malfunction in the ABS system

What would happen if windows did not properly shutdown?

It can cause data loss, data corruption, and operating system malfunction.

What can cause a thermostat malfunction?

The primary cause of a thermostat malfunction is corrosion. It prevents the thermostat from opening and closing as it normally would.

Can a malfunction in the fuel pump cause a malfunction in the theft system?

If you have a VATS (vehicle anti theft system) equipped vehicle, it would be the other way around....The theft system would cause the fuel pump malfunction. If the theft system does not detect the correct value of the chip in the key it will prevent the fuel pump from functioning. Depending on the year and type of system, (VATS vs. Transponder) your VATS pellet may be worn out and the ignition is unable to read the resistor value. If it is Transponder equipped you may have a faulty chip antenna.

What does cyanide cause a malfunction of?


What would be the causes for the car battery light to stay on?

Malfunction in the charging system. Most obvious cause is a defective alternator.

How do you fix code P1682 on a dodge truck?

You have to find the cause of the charging system malfunction. It could be the alternator, wiring, or PCM.

What in the air conditioning system of a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am would cause the Pass Lock system to malfunction?

i have heard that there is a resistor in line, under the hood connected to the ac compressor that can cause it to act up

What does the engine code P0750 on a 2000 Chrysler Town and Country mean?

Shift solenoid a malfunction. A failed solenoid pack is a likely cause.

Would a transmission range sensor be tied in to the cruise control?

A malfunction in the range sensor could cause the cruise to be inoperative.A malfunction in the range sensor could cause the cruise to be inoperative.

What is an example of a malfunction of the respiratory system?

An allergic reaction can cause a dangerous constriction of the airways, and result in respiratory failure - in extreme cases.

What would cause the abs light to come on in a 1996 Honda CVR?

It is warning you of a malfunction of in the brake system. Get it checked RIGHT AWAY!

Which disease is possibly caused by an immune system malfunction resulting in joint pain and inflammation?

Arthritis is possibly caused by an immune system malfunction resulting in joint pain and inflammation. There are different types of arthritis and not all are thought to have this cause. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the types.

Can a ac accumulator cause a cooling malfunction?

There is no such thing as and air-conditioner accumulator in an automobile. A nonworking air-conditioner compressor can cause a cooling malfunction.

What does it mean when service stability system light comes on in 2003 Buick Lasabre?

The computer has detected a malfunction in the stability system. You will need to have the system checked for trouble codes. You can then diagnose for the possible cause.

What will an infection to the respiratory system most likely cause a person to have?

If a person had an infection of the respiratory system, they would most likely have a cough.

What would cause high levels of nitrous oxides in the exhaust?

High temp. in combustion chamber possibly caused by malfunction in EGR system.

Why does a malfunction in the circulatory system cause symptoms in the respiratory system?

The heart (in the circulatory system) may need oxygen to keep the body going. If the lungs (in the respiratory system) can not supply the heart with enough oxygen, the heart will eventually fail. Also, this can cause shortness of breath, which may cause a heart attack. I hope I answered your question!

What cause the pace maker to stop?

The main cause of a pacemaker to stop working is the battery going dead. Another cause would be a malfunction within the electrical system. These 2 causes are very, very rare.

What is the effects of corrosion on the computer system?

Corrosion can cause the main hardware parts to malfunction or simply stop operating. Corrosion on the power supply unit can cause short circuits and fires.