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The most mountainous continent in the world is Asia

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Is Antarctica the most mountainous continent?

Antarctica is the highest continent given its size and average elevation.

Does the east of Australia have more mountains or do the west part of Australia have more mountains?

As with most continents, the most mountainous side of the Australian continent is the eastern side.

How mountainous is it in Antarctica?

Antarctica is the highest continent on earth.

Which of the Scanndinavian countries is most mountainous?

Sweden is the most mountainous Scandinavian country.

Is it mountainous in kosovo?

Yes! Most of all Kosovo is mountainous !

Why is the Antarctic mountainous?

Antarctica is a continent with mountains, which is true of all continents on earth.

Is Antarctica rocky or flat?

Antarctica is a mountainous continent -- the highest continent on earth. There are flat areas, however, where ice covers the continent, notably the polar plateau.

Which country is more mountainous Australia or New Zealand?

New Zealand is significantly more mountainous than Australia. The Australian continent is relatively flat.

Is Turkey mountainous or very flat?

Most of Turkey is fairly mountainous.

Is the land flat or mountainous in Arizona?

some of the land is mountainous, but most is desert

Is a desert flat or mountainous?

A desert can be flat or mountainous and most are a combination of both.

How much of Antarctica is mountain?

Most of Antarctica is high above sea level, making it the highest continent on Earth. Most all of the area is mountainous and 98% of it lies under an ice sheet.

Where is it mountainous?

In the USA, there are several mountainous areas. For example, Nevada is known as the most mountainous state. In second place is the state of Alaska.

Why is it warmer on the coast of Antarctic Peninsula than the rest of the continent?

The coast of the Antarctic Peninsula is at sea level and is the northern-most part of Antarctica -- about 1,500 miles north of the South Pole. Antarctica is the highest continent, which means that the rest of the continent is mountainous and high -- and colder than the peninsula.

Are there any mountain on Antarctica?

Yes. In fact, Antarctica is the highest continent on earth due to its mountainous topography.

Which has more mountainous northern or southern Asia?

Southern Asia is considered more mountainous than Northern Asia. The southern part of the continent features the Himalayas range and a number of other mountains.

What part of Eastern Europe is most mountainous?

The southern part of Eastern Europe, or Southeastern Europe, is the most mountainous part of Eastern Europe.

What Caribbean island is the most mountainous?

Hispaniola. (Haiti and the Dominican Republic) Haiti is the more mountainous country.

What Scandinavian country is the most mountainous?


Which of the Scandinavian countries is most mountainous?


What country in Europe is the most mountainous?


What is europes most mountainous country?


Most mountainous state in the us?


Which of the Scandinvian countries is most mountainous?

it is on the kindiwashington

Which of the scandanavian countries is most mountainous?


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