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In the 2007/2008 English premier league Cristiano Ronaldo scored 42 goals which is the most ever

its actually 312 by the famous David Beckham

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The most goals scored in a Premiership season is 97, set by Manchester United in 1999/2000.

how many goals were scored in premiership last season 1063 - Charlie Adams goal for Blackpool v Bolton was No.1000

The greatest number of goals scored in a season by a Tottenham Hotspur player is 49, scored by Clive Allen in 1986-87. Teddy Sherringham scored the most goals in one ' Premier League ' season in the 1992 - 1993 season, scoring 21 goals.

Derby County have scored the fewest amount of goals in the Premiership. This record was set in the 2007 - 2008 season, having scored only 20 goals in the season.

There were 1,002 goals scored in the English Premier League season on 2007 - 2008.

Steven Gerrard has scored 4 Premier League Goals this year

He scored 53 goals last season.

Here it is most likely the arsenal striker Emmanuel adebayour who scored 30 goals with arsenal after joining from Monaco.

Chelsea Football Club with 103. (2009-2010)

As of the end of the 2009-10 season, Ryan Giggs has indeed scored in every Premier League season - his most productive seasons in terms of Premiership goals were 1993-94 and 1995-96, in which he scored 13 and 11 goals respectively.

they have scored 9 goals this season

Most goals are scored in the last 20 minutes in a E.P.L.

Manchester United hold the record for the most amount of goals scored in one Premiership Season. In the 1999 - 2000 season, Manchester United scored 97 goals. Dwight Yorke scored 20, and Andy Cole scored 19 goals respectively. The record as of now is Chelsea F.C. with 103 goals in the 2009/2010 season. they took first in the league by one point behind Manchester United.

95 goals 60 home 35 away with 1 game to go home v Wigan

As at 15 May 2011 (eleven games to be played), 1028 goals have been scored in the Premier League. The all-time record for a 20-team season is 1060 (1999-2000).

09/10 season was didier droga (just about lol) 10/11 so far dimitar berbatov

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Jamie Carragher of Liverpool has scored 7 own goals in the Premier League.

The number of goals scored by Lionel Messi in 2009-10 is 37 by after Arsenal match.

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