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What is the most optical zoom you can have on a digital camera?

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Optical zoom is way better than digital zoom as digital only expands the picture. Optical zoom actually zooms in.

I usually see anywhere from 6x to 12x optical zoom, then most digital cameras also have digital zoom, up to about 20x

Optical zoom is the ability of the camera lens to zoom in before capturing the picture Digital zoom is the ability of the camera to zoom in after capturing the actual picture. See the related link below for more information.

Optical zoom is where your camera's lens is actually moving to zoom in, digital zoom is where the digital part of the camera tries to get closer to zoom, digital zoom is basically pointless because when you use it you image quality is severely damaged.

i suggest canon sx100 which has 8mp and 10x optical zoom

Optical and digital. With optical zoom, the camera uses lenses to magnify objects. In digital zoom, the camera's built-in software creates a magnified image.

The reason an optical zoom is better to have than a digital zoom boils down to quality. When one uses an optical zoom the subject is brought in closer without losing quality. When a digital zoom is used, the camera crops and digitally enlarges the picture, sacrificing quality.

A optical zoom use the lenses to focus in on a subject, pretty much the same way binoculars work. Digital zoom magnifies the subject by enlarging in in the pic thru a digital process, this is not a true type of zoom.

The Canon S-series have great zoom and can even do digital zoom for distant objects.

Optical Zoom is the true zoom, Digital is basically the zoom in of what the highest optical zoom is. Therefore Optical Zoom is the better zoom, and gives a much clearer picture.

ofcourse optical zoom..................

canon a560, canon a720, they have 4 x optcial zoom

The Cannon Powershot has both and optical and digital zoom features. Optical zoom is far superior to digital zoom.

No it does not, it only has 5.8 optical zoom.

Zoom. It's the amount of times it can make something bigger like 2x or 5x, the higher the number the more it can zoom in.There are 2 types of Zoom: Optical and Digital.Optical Zoom is more important, and has to do with the length the lens comes out of the camera.Digital Zoom crops the picture then zoom, like a computer program and too much can look bad. Digital Zoom is not as important and should not be used to compare cameras.

zoom is to enlarge the image and capture in a digital camera

i would say generally yes. Though it depends on the camera. I have a full hd camera with 16x optical, which is fantastic for hd. I also have a standard definition one with 40x optical. 18X zoom should be fine for most situations though. Just be sure to stay away from digital zoom, it decreases quality drastically

Digital zoom takes what the camera is capturing and artifically enlarges the image to give you a zoom effect. Optical zoom, however, is actual physical magnification of the picture, ensuring that your footage is as good as it can be.

You will have an image about 20% larger at x60, but there is catch. Usually magnification of that amount is a combination of the optical zoom and digital zoom. The total obtained by multiplying. With digital zoom, the quality will likely decrease faster as the magnification increases. So normally, the optical zoom will go to maximum before the digital zoom begins to operate. So if the x50 has 10x optical and then 5x digital, it could produce a better image than 6x optical with 10x digital zoom (unless the optics are not that great). It's good to know which is which. See if you can find reviews on both.

Digital zoom uses software to zoom in further than regular optical zoom, which uses lenses to magnify the picture.

There is no limit for the zoom of a camera, but the The 26X Longest Zoom Digital Camera is one of the longest zoom cameras on the market. But you can always buy a longer zoom for a camera that does not have one .

Digital just takes a small clip of the image and enlarges it while optical is just like if you stepped in closer to whatever you are photographing.

If you use an optical zoom, you can take pictures without getting really close to things. An optical zoom is better than a digital zoom, because an optical zoom does not cause pictures to be pixely or grainy, and digital zooms often do.

The Canon PowerShot is the best camera under $200. It has 12.1 megapixels, 4 x optical zoom, and optical image stabilization.

3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom are standard features on most mid-range pocket digital cameras. A better optical zoom capability would be 6x or 8x optical. The digital zoom capability can be ignored, since all it does is crop and expand your image, necessarily reducing its resolution. Digital zoom may be handy for giving you a close-up view in the viewfinder or on the viewscreen, but the photographer must remember that picture quality shot with digital zoom may be compromised. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP U:P

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