Major League Baseball (MLB)

What is the most paid sport from NFL NBA nhl and MLB?


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Football is the highest paid sport.

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they get paid about the same

The NBA,MLB,FIFA and others that you can look up on

Kobe Bryant gets paid the most in the nba at $30 million a year

It depends on how good you are at the sport

The highest paid major league sport is the NBA. After that would be the IPL.

Professional basketball with an the NBA boasting an average salary of $5.356 million dollars.

Hawaii does not have a NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL team. We do however love University of Hawaii Athletics.

· Oakland Athletics (MLB) · Oakland Raiders (NFL) · Oilers - Edmonton Oilers (NHL) · Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA) · Orioles - Baltimore Orioles (MLB) · Orlando Magic (NBA) · Ottawa Senators (NHL)

{| ! Sport |} {| ! Team Name |} MLB Boston Red Sox MLB Chicago White Sox NBA Miami Heat NBA Orlando Magic NBA Utah Jazz NBA Oklahoma City Thunder NHL Colorado Avalanche NHL Minnesota Wild NHL Tampa Bay Lightning MLB Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Several sports are famous in Detroit. You have the Tigers (MLB), the Red Wings (NHL), the Pistons (NBA) and the Lions (NFL).

MLB. Baseball brings in much more revenue than the other sports. Also a perfect example is the new york yankees. The fact that they can spend 300+ million dollars a year just to make a team is absolutely ridiculous.

Most NBA all star players get paid over ten million dollars a year. The winners of the NBA all star game get a lot of money, and the losers still get paid as well.

For the 2010-2011 NBA season, the highest paid player is Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers who makes $24,806,250.

who is the highest paid gm in the nba

in overall category it is Michael Jordan

Yes, NBA players get paid to play basketball.

The Boston Red Sox have sold out the most consecutive games in MLB history while the Portland Trailblazers have sold out the most consecutive home games in the NBA (and in North America for any sport).

NO they do not get paid

LeBron James, he gets paid $25 million dollars a year

It is a sport because has long as your making a routine and stuff think the NBA makes routines and NBA is a sport them competive cheerleading is a sport

Seattle Mariners ( MLB ) Seattle Seahawks ( NFL ) Seattle Sonics ( NBA ) Seattle Storm ( WNBA )

what is a good thesis statement on the NBA

In my opinion i believe it is NBA 2k11.

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