What is the most painful torture?

Well there are many different forms of torture and it is hard to decide which is the most painful, I believe these are some of the most painful going from least to most painful (WARNING TO THE READER: some of the content in this response can be explicit, and is in no way ment to be harmful or intimidating, it is only historical facts about different torture devices.)

7. Water boarding- traditionally the victim is strapped lying down and a towel is placed over the victim's face. Then water is poured over the towel and gives the sensation of drowning. The victim can still breath, but the mind believes it cannot therefore the feeling could essentially last forever.

Death time estimation: Not a capital punishment.

6. The Catherine Wheel- also known as the breaking wheel, the victim's hands and feet are tied to a giant wheel with their arms and legs spread. The wheel would traditionally have spikes on it, so when the punisher hit the victim with a club or other blunt object the victim would be pressed into the spikes. Another way to do it would be to twist the wheel breaking the limbs.

Death time estimation: Not always a capital punishment, but can become fatal between 5 minutes to hours depending on the position of the blows, the length of the spikes, and the heath condition of both the punisher and the victim.

5.The Strappado- the victim's hands are tied behind his/her back, and are pulled upward by the rope until their hands are completely behind their back and over their head.

Death time estimation: Not normally a capital punishment, but is normally met with a capital punishment afterwards.

4.The Rack- The victim is strapped to a pair rollers one roller by their hands and the other by their feet, then the victim is stretched sometimes by days at a time, and can be stretched up to 12 inches.

Death time estimation: Not a capital punishment but can be fatal

3. The Saw- Commonly used on women who are believed to be witches accused being pregnant with satin's child are hung upside down by their legs and are sawed down the middle, and usually survive up until saw reaches the navel.

Death time estimation: Anywhere from 5-10 minutes, depending on the build of the person and the pace of the sawing.

2. The Judas Cradle- Mostly always male the victim is hung into the air by various ropes and is dropped onto a pointed pyramid, this destroys the gental area completely and is usually done with weights and multiple times.

Death time estimation: Not always a death sentence, and is determined by the length of the spike and the amount of times it is inflicted.

1. What I believe to truly be the most painful is known as the brass bull formally known as the Brazen Bull is truly a sick piece of work. First a victim is put and sealed in a bronzes bull and left there for a minute to truly understand his claustrophobic situation. Now the true sickness begins, a fire is lit below the bull heating up the bottom and eventually the whole thing causing the victim to burn to a crisp. Thats not all, but the bull is soundproof so you can't hear the screams, but there are a series of complex tubes running through the mouth of the bull so when the victim does scream it causes the high pitch scream to turn into a low pitch bellow like the sound of an infuriated bull.

Death time estimation: 10 minutes

I hope you don't go to bed with nightmares, these are truly the horrors of mankind, and ironically many inventors of these machines died by them too.