What is the most physically demanding sport?

Physically Demanding Sport

Endurance events are probably the most demanding sport. For example, the Full Triathlon, you swim 2.4 miles. then get on a bike and ride for 112 miles, then when you finish that you run a complete 26.2 mile marathon...all back to back, non-stop.

There is no way that you can explain this to someone unless they have done it them selves. Contrary to popular belief, (according to ESPN) Snow-cross (Snowboard racing down a man made track) is the most physically demanding sport. Most people reading this are in denial right now thinking "you just stand and go" I dare you to try. A hard session on a snow-cross track drains every muscle in your body exhausting you yet still requiring you to have great amounts focus to ensure you are on the best line and jumping the best sets.

There is some controversy with that. Also contrary to popular belief, I would actually have to say cycling is the most enduring. The Tour de France is over 3500k in 19 days at about 35 Km/H. Also, no athlete trains as much as a cyclist.