What is the most physically demanding sport?


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Physically Demanding SportEndurance events are probably the most demanding sport. For example, the Full Triathlon, you swim 2.4 miles. then get on a bike and ride for 112 miles, then when you finish that you run a complete 26.2 mile marathon...all back to back, non-stop.

There is no way that you can explain this to someone unless they have done it them selves. Contrary to popular belief, (according to ESPN) Snow-cross (Snowboard racing down a man made track) is the most physically demanding sport. Most people reading this are in denial right now thinking "you just stand and go" I dare you to try. A hard session on a snow-cross track drains every muscle in your body exhausting you yet still requiring you to have great amounts focus to ensure you are on the best line and jumping the best sets.

There is some controversy with that. Also contrary to popular belief, I would actually have to say cycling is the most enduring. The Tour de France is over 3500k in 19 days at about 35 Km/H. Also, no athlete trains as much as a cyclist.


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. no motocross is not a physical demanding sport

Motocross riding in and of itself is demanding on so many levels.The physical and mental drain on the body should first hit anyone who wants to participate in the sport. The sport is definitely for the physically and mentally fit hence this is the most physically demanding sport.

In my opinion, triathlon is definitely the most physically demanding sport. It requires participants to be in extremely good shape and have outstanding endurance in all three of its components.

Boxing is no doubt a physically-demanding sport, requiring a wide range of skills, among them strength, stamina, timing and a high pain threshold. But the most physically demanding sport ever? My vote goes to multi-sport competitions such as the Olympic decathlon and the Ironman: in terms of the amount of training needed to successfully complete them, they far outweigh time-limit sports such as boxing and martial arts.

1. Motocross 2. Soccer 3. Dance These are the top three most physically demanding sports in the world. Thats right not hockey, football, boxing or wrestling but Motocross, Soccer and Dance.

because the average player runs or jogs the distance of about 4.5 miles per game.

Motocross is the second most physically demanding sport in the world, next to soccer. Trust me, I race motocross. now that's just not true, i race motocross to but not at a professional level, and there is no way in hell that a little soccer game could be harder

Without a doubt, cycling. Cycling means you get your butt on a saddle for six hours, keeping in mind breakaways, sprinting, and bike handling. Hills and long miles make this sport extremely hard and challenging. Though millions believe that all you do is pedal, that is a HUGE understatement. These people know nothing about the challenges about this internationally acclaimed sport. Cycling is THE most physically demanding sport--NOT basketball, baseball, football, or any other American appreciated sport.

Figure skating may not look like a sport but it is extremely physically demanding.

Yes, pig farming is a physically demanding job.

It involves running, often at high speed with frequent direction changes and kicking the ball.

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yes because many people are involved,it is physically demanding,there can be teams,there are different types of it and it involves hardcore racing,this is just some of why it is,its a SPORT OK.

It is actually the world's third most aerobically demanding sport. Right after kayaking and golf.

The coach's drills are intentionally physically demanding.

Because it is the most demanding, exciting, and skilled sport in the world...

There is no single art that can be considered the most demanding. Properly motivated, all of the martial arts can be very physically demanding, depending upon the effort put into it by the artist. Many arts are expected to be combined with cross training to include aerobic activities such as running and power building things like lifting weights.

Boxing. If the fighters are well matched, and the fight goes fifteen rounds, that is 45 straight minutes of someone trying to beat the hell out of you while you are expending the energy to try and do the same to them.

That is a matter of opinion, but many swimmers would say YES. Swimming is EXTREMELY physically demanding and difficult and it can get anyone, no matter how fit they are, breathing hard.

While gymnastics can be performed and can be artistic, it requires immense physical strength and mental concentration. Performing arts generally are not quite as physically demanding.

You will get different answers for sure but to me the Basketball is more phsically demanding.

It absolutely is. It is based in competition, it is incredibly physically demanding, and it is entertaining to watch (much more so, I would say, than what you would consider your average sports). If that doesn't qualify it as a sport, I don't know what could.

I've often asked this question.The typical answer is that most consider a 'sport' to be an activity that is physically challenging to the partaker. Most say that the conditions in which the drivers are subject to, it is physically challenging and that not just anyone of average health could handle it.

Soccer is physically a hard sport.

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