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We Wish You a Merry Christmas

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Q: What is the most popular Christmas song?
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What is the most popular Christmas Song in Brazil?

''bate o sino'' is the most popular christmas song in brazil.

Most heard Christmas carol at Christmas time?

The most popular Christmas song is probably Jingle Bells .(:

Who first recorded the Christmas song?

The song Blue Christmas was recorded by many artists. The most popular being the version recorded by the late Elvis Presley. It is the most popular downloaded song during the Christmas season.

What is Taylor Swift's most popular Christmas song?

Christmas must be something more?

What is the most popular Christmas song in medieval times?

silent night

Which song is considered America's most popular Christmas song?

Santa clause is Coming to Town.

What is Poland's most popular Christmas song?

Christmas Day is here is supposedly of Polish origin. It is lively and upbeat.

What is listed as the best Christmas song?

Opinions vary as to the best Christmas song. Some of the most popular Christmas songs are "White Christmas", "The Chipmunk Song", "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer", and "Jingle Bell Rock".

What is the most popular latest Christmas Song?

R&B Christmas Songs are the popular latest Christmas SongsThe Number 1 is:"Hark the Herald Angels Sing" from A Mary Mary Christmas

Which popular Christmas song was really written for Thanksgiving?

Jingle Bells is a popular Christmas song that was actually written for Thanksgiving.

The most popular Bing Crosby Christmas song?

Probably something like "White Christmas".... idk but i want answers

What Christmas flower is most popular?

Poinsettia is the most popular of all Christmas flowers

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