What is the most popular first name in Cuba?

the most popular first name in cuba is...........unknown. sorry, but if your trying to look for the most popular name in cuba, its gonna be preety hard to find because like in the united states, most popular names would be most probobly sarah, or emily, or jenny,or lorena, or even michelle, lots right? well, if you answered no, let me explain better, you clicked on this answer because you wanted to know the MOST popular first name in cuba right?.......that means your looking for one!ok, so, like i said, i cant give you the most popular but i can name most probobly the most popular ones.....

  1. maria
  2. juana
  3. yalismari or anything supposedly sounding like it....
  4. manuel or emmanuel or emanuel
  5. carlos
  6. rosa or rosio or rosario
  7. julio or julia
  8. lorena
  9. lilly or lily
  10. jose