What is the most popular food in Brazil?

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the most popular food in Brazil is Feijoada
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What is the second most popular sport in Brazil?

Volleyball is the second most popular sport in Brazil. Brazil is also the most successful country in this sport. The national volleyball team is currently the champion in the 2 major competitions (Volleyball World Cup and Volleyball World Championship). They currently rank #1 in the FIVB World Ranki ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular food in Paraguay?

Yucca - otherwise known as - is the most common food found on tables all over Paraguay. And its not just in the rural areas. Its eaten at nearly every meal, 365 days a year, most Paraguayans would not eat anything without it. Mandioca is another very traditional food - shaped like bagels, they are m ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular food in Japan?

The most popular food in japan is teriaki and sushi. Contrary to the popular belief, Rice is not the main food in Japan. Japanese meals are based on fish , which is eaten at almost half a pound a day per person. Usually there are two fish courses at every meal, one of cold fish and one of hot. ( Full Answer )

Most popular sport in Brazil?

Football is the most popular sport in Brazil. Soccer. The most popular sport in Brazil is football.

What is the most popular food in Mexico?

Answer . The most popular food in Mexico is with out a doubt the corn tortillas. Served as a companion of many other plates, is made, like his name tells, of corn with a rounded and very thin chape. It's very common to have them served instead of bread at many restaurants.

What is the most popular music in Brazil?

in Brazil we haven't a favourite music but we have a favourite kind of music that is the Samba in thebrazilian festivals the music is always samba

What is the worlds most popular food?

Rice Rice is a very popular food item in varius coltures suck as Mexico, Japan, China and even Spain. This goes from Tacos to Sushi! The U.S. most popular food is the common Burger or Cheese Burger. :)

What is Singapore most popular food?

The Durian is the king fruit and Singaporeans absolutely love it! As far as street food is concerned, my friend tried out something called 'Dang Dang Dang' which is basically salted pepper chicken and cheese sausages. It's apparently really yummy.. - Sevani. http://lioncitydays.blogspot.com/

What is the most popular last name in Brazil?

The most important last name in Brazil is Silva . There are also many other less popular names such as Santos, Oliveira and Souza, the latter of which has with variations: Sousa (with 's') and Souza (with 'z'), which have the same pronounciation.

What are Belize most popular foods?

Some of the most popular foods in Belize are caldo, relleno, andtamales. Caldo are tortillas cooked on comal, and relleno istypically a dish served with jalapenos.

Most popular food in Massachusetts?

The top most favorite/popular foods in massachusetts are (1.) Cranberries (2.) New England Clam Chowder (3.) Lobster (4.) Clam Bakes (5.) Boston Baked Beans (6.)Boston Creme Pie.

What is Australia's most popular food?

Their most favorite foods are: vegemite, damper, pavlova, meat pie, roast lamb dinner, anzac biscuits, lamingtons. but the only one MOST favorite food is filet steak...

Most popular food in US?

Well, us English normally associate the US with fast food (burgers, frys and lots of unhealthy stuff).

What was the most popular food on 1996?

The most popular foods in 1996 include Pringles chips and candynecklaces. Dunkaroos, Gushers, candy cigarettes, fun dip and babybottle pops were also favorites.

Most popular dog food?

Probably Iams, but I would not feed your dog Iams..Iams has by-product in their food. Give your dog Nutrience or soem other type of Dog food that does not have by-products in it.

What is Italy's most popular food?

Italy's most popular food is pasta. Pasta dishes like spaghetti,lasagna, and macaroni salads are eaten at least twice a day inItaly.

Most popular food in Sweden?

There are several popular foods in Sweden that visitors may want totry. Smoked salmon, filmjolk, which is processed, sour milk, aretwo of them. Other popular foods include rakor, jordgubbar, andkanebullar.

What is the most eaten food in Brazil?

The most eaten food in Brazil would be the traditional rice and beans boiled cooked with garlic ,and some tropical fruits as well

What are most popular food in Ireland?

well the potatoes are obviously one of irlands most popular and staple foods. also smoked salmon, Irish stew and Irish lamb are some of there most liked foods. hope that helps i got it off culturegrams

What is the most popular food in France?

Steack or burger plus French fries. For foreigners, the most known food ever related to French still is cheese (and bread - both being of so many types); and French certainly have not changed their customs, at least as this item is concerned. .

What are popular food dishes in Brazil?

"churrasco" "feijoada" "collard greens or kale" "farofa" "pirarucu" "tucunaré" "pupunha". "mangaba" "graviola" "tucupi". For detail recepies please visit http://www.brazilhouston.org/ingles/flavors.htm

What is the most popular french foods?

French-Canadian? Poutine is very popular. Not pop-tarts with ketchup. European-French? Oysters are a popular dish. They are also well known for their bakers. Croissants, crepes and many other pastries originated in France. But for popularity, most commonly consumed, like everywhere else: Bread. ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular fruit in Brazil?

Green mango (not quite ripe yet) with a little bit of salt!. Green mango (not quite ripe yet) with a little bit of salt!. Green mango (not quite ripe yet) with a little bit of salt!

What is the most popular foods in Brazil?

Churrasco is very popular in Brazil. It's kinda like Barbecue. Brazilian people love meat. a funny fact is that if you're going to eat out they weigh your food and than they tell you the price.

What is Nanaimo's most popular food?

The Nanaimo Bar, which everyone knows is a sweet desert. Its has a chocolate layer on the top, with a custard in the middle and coconut and chocolate mixed on the bottom.

What are some popular traditional foods in Brazil?

The national dish is said to be feijoada (pork and beef stew with black beans, usually served with white rice and cassava). Brazilians also famously enjoy churrascos (barbecues) and snacks of all kinds, such as queijo coalho (cheese on a stick), bolinhos de bacalau (cod fritters), coxinhas (chicken ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular food in Mississippi?

The most popular food in Mississippi is cat-fish because Mississippi is the cat-fish capital of the world. By a large margin, high-fructose corn syrup. bar-b-que

What are the most popular Muslim foods?

There are several popular Muslim foods. Some of the foods are lamb,chicken, rice, hummus, eggplant, flatbreads, and olives. The meathas to be killed according to Sharia law or it can't be eaten.

Most popular soft drink in Brazil?

Coca Cola is seen as the most popular soft drink, but whilst I was there, I saw many more people drinking Guarana Antarctica and so personally I think that this is more popular.

What are the most popular food in Colombia?

the most popular food is arepa it is made of corn and agrdente is Ron it is very popular very body drinks it and something that pretty much is in every kitchen is rice ,beans, and arepa

What is the most popular food in Ohio?

A number of foods and food products originated in Northeast Ohio, like Stadium Mustard and Scoffer's Dinners. Others have become so ingrained into the fabric of the city as to be native, like paczki, those Polish doughnuts that proliferate just before Lent.

What is the most popular foreign food?

Italian food is the most popular foreign food. Mostly, it accountsbecause of its world famous pizza which is available in any cornerof the world.

What is the most popular food in Barcelona?

The most popular food in Barcelona is subjective. There is no accurate way to poll all of the Spaniards in Barcelona to determine who likes which foods most. One very common type of food is tapas, so it's possible paella or another tapa is the most popular.

What is the most popular food in Ghana?

Definatly "pap" or porrigde. It's their main food source. Basically maize (made from corn) mixed with water and cooked till thick. Main food source all over Africa. I live in South Africa, and we eat it every day.

What is the most popular cat food?

Answer: It is hard to say, but giant brands such as Hill's, IAMS, Royal Canin and Purina are probably some of the most popular brands today. However, just because their popularity doesn't always reflect on the actual quality of the food. These brands are cleverly advertised, which increases the ( Full Answer )

What are the most popular festivals in Brazil and where?

Some of the most important and popular festivals in Salvador, Brazil are: . Boa Viagem e Bom Jesus dos Navegantes Feast . Bonfim Washing . Farol Folia . Yemanjá Festival . Itapuã Church Washing . Carnival . Conceição da Praia Pageant . Christ's Passion - Holy Week . Internation ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular art form in Brazil?

Crafting and Martial arts, happen to take the most popular and practiced. Martial Arts in Brazil also happen to combine , that of basic martial arts and self defence, but mix it with dancing and music.

What is the most popular food of autumn?

The most popular food in autumn is basicly pumpkins pies mostly traditonal deserts and turkey just basily anything that comes up during holidays.

What is the most popular bbq food?

The most popular BBQ foods in order of popularity, according to global sales in BBQ seasons: . Burgers . Sausages / Hot dogs . Chicken . Kebabs / Skewers . Ribs . Corn on the cob . Vegetables (onions, baby corn, vegetables that can be grilled) . Lamb / Pork / Steak chop . Potato / potato ( Full Answer )

What are the most popular resorts in Brazil?

There are many popular spots for tourists in Brazil. Some of the most popular resorts include Hotel Fasano Sao Paulo, Vila Gale Cumbuco, Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort and Costao do Santinho. All of these resorts offer many amenities, and are all very popular resorts.

What are the most popular Filipino foods?

The most popular Filipino foods are biko , putobumbong , lechong baboy , pancit guisado ,spaghetti, adobong manok , puto , maiz con yelo , piniig and many others. These foods in most occasions alwaysserve the best.