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In the US, the most popular form of Bowling is tenpin bowling. For more information on what tenpin bowling is all about:


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Bowling is the highest participated sport in the world. It is very popular in Asian and European countries, as well as the US.

Tenpin bowling is played all over the world. It is most popular in the US and UK, but is very popular in Asian countries as well. It is the most popular indoor sport in the world.

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With 53.5 million participants, it is bowling as the most popular. The most popular outdoor activity is fresh water fishing with 42.1 million participants.

They introduced a form of bowling called "9-pins".

The US and the UK play the most ten pin bowling.

In the most common form of bowling in the US, ten pins are set up in a triangle.

Cosmic bowling is a form of bowling that is done at night under black lights and loud music. People in the US have been cosmic bowling since the late 60's.

Bowling is the most participated sport in the US, followed by soccer and baseball.

Bowling was brought over to the US from the UK around 1840. However without a doubt it's popularity picked up in the 1940s. 1940-1960 is considered the golden age of bowling. can be done almost anywhere

First Answer: Yes, there was. Second Answer: Bowling has been around in some form since 5200 BC (the earliest we have artifacts to support). Bowling in the US, in it's current form, tenpin bowling, has been around since sometime after the Civil War. It is derived from Kegelspiel, a German form of ninepin bowling. The first indoor bowling alley was built in 1840, Knickerbockers of New York City.

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There are approximately 3800 bowling centers in the US.

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from: "Cycling is the seventh most popular recreational activity in the U.S., behind exercise walking, swimming, camping, fishing, exercising with equipment and bowling."

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