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What is the most popular movie of all time?

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Based on box office receipts, the top movie of all time is Avatar.

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JAWS is the most popular movie of all time!

According to American Film Magazine the most popular film character of all time is Don Vito Corleone from "The Godfather"

I think it might be avatar, but before that I believe it was titanic.

Michael Jackson is probably the most popular of all time.

I believe it is star wars because star wars was made a long time ago and that was a popular movie back then.

Johnny Cash was the most popular country music musician of all time.

Lili Ivanova, all time most popular

Avatar by James Cameron, most watched movie of all time as of 2010.

There is no data to single-handedly determine THE most "popular", which is open for interpretation, in the world, however the highest grossing movie of all time worldwide is 2009's Avatar, so that could certainly be an answer to the question.

the most popular wrestler of all time is shawn michaels

The most popular book of all time is the Bible, the second is The Complete Works of Shakespeare.

It's the best movie ever made. Overall it currently is the second most popular movie of all time and may challenge Titanic for the cake. This is true.

I think that the scariest and most popular costume is SCREAM! HAPPY HALLOWEEN

all girls love this TWILIGHT! /NEW MOON!

The most expensive move (not adjusted for inflation ) of all time was Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The budget for the movie was 378.5 million.

11 million subscribers say its pretty popular. It is one of the most popular MMORPG of all time.

This all depends on one's opinion. Traditionally, Ocarina of Time is seen as the most popular.

Casablanca was a movie made in 1942. It's one of the most popular movies of all time, about a guy opening a gambling bar. The most popular quote is of course "Here's looking at you, Kid." and "Play it again, Sam."

Jaws is the highest grossing movie of all time.

The Titanic is the most popular movie ever. Avatar seems to be extremely popular, and District 9 since both movies kept me on the edge of my seat This question is kind of vague. After all does it mean most watched or highest grossing or best reviewed? I don't know about best reviewed but the most watched movie ever is Casablanca and the highest grossing movie ever is Avatar.

The most popular Korean song of all time is probably GangNam Style performed and written by PSY. With over 1 billion views on youtube it is also the most viewed videosong ever.

It depends on your point of view. IF you really like a specific like Pokemon Platinum, that would be the best and most popular for you. But, the popular ones are often the really old ones and the new ones. My most popular is Pokemon Black. I am really awesome at that game. But, no one knows the most popular one of all time since most of them were only released during 98'.

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