What is the most popular plant in US?

I think that BRACKEN FERN - Pteridium is the worlds most common plant. Although it could be a type of seagrass, which are flowering plants. Or Phragmites australis which is sometimes indigenous and sometimes a weed. The worlds most common weed could be a Cyperus. Or a grass like Ehrharta. PAMPAS GRASS or LOVEGRASS. And when you consider WHEAT. Fodder grass Lolium perenne. and lawn grass COUCH. In the future it will be a invasive weed like MAPLE, PRIVET or Camphor laurel capable of making extinct entire communities of native plant species. DANDELION - Taraxacum. Pinus radiata. GINGER. CROFTON. Gazania rigens. Ailanthus. Pinus nigra. Portulaca oleracea. Ipomoea cairica. BAMBOO. Typha. WATERCRESS - Nasturtium officianale. Arundo donax. Salvinia molesta. RICE. WATER HYACINTH. ALLIGATOR WEED. Chenopodium album. Acacia saligna. Coffea. Rumex. BLACKBERRY. Lantana. Hydrocotyle bonariensis. PRICKLY PEAR. CRABGRASS. HONEYSUCKLE. AFRICAN OLIVE. PASSIONFRUIT. TOMATO. Euphorbia peplus. Imperata cylindrica. DODDER LAUREL. Plantago lanceolata. Acetosa sagittata. Anredera. Coreopsis. Oxalis ssp. FLEABANE. COMMON HAWTHORN. Cirsium arvense. Lactuca serriola. Senna pendula. Ochna serrulata. Some of these are the worlds most common plants because they evolved particularly opportunistic characteristics. And/or some because of mankinds naivety, ignorance or contempt. These plants are spread by the weather and animals, if you are growing them in your garden you are also growing them anywhere within a waters flow, winds blow, birds flight or humans drive from your house. Many residential, commercial and industrial property owners are simply unwilling to take responsibility for the control of invasive weeds on their property... Peter Napper, Dee Why 29/11/09. please add your thoughts. And ENJOY the simple things in life.

P.S. I kno the worlds most popular plant, but not the U.S.