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Q: What is the most popular way of saying hello in Finnish?
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What is the most popular Finnish last name?


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Which is most popular Hello or Hi?

Where I live 'Hi' is the most popular!Probably because it takes longer to say 'Hello' then 'Hi' so we are probably all slang!

What do you say 'hello' in Sweden?

The Direct translation would be "Hallå", but the most common way of saying hello in Sweden is "hej".

What are some slang ways of saying 'Hello' in Australia?

G'day is the most common and heard of slang word for "Hello" in Australia.

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What is the country song with hello in the lyrics?

"You Had Me from Hello" is one of the most popular Country songs with the word hello in it. It was made famous by Kenny Chesney

How do you say great-grandmother in Finnish?

"Isoisoäiti" is the most formal way of saying it, a more casual version is for example "isomummi".

What is the most popular answer to saying no to drugs?

the most popular way to say no to drugs is I'll be grounded for life.

What is the most popular french word?

bonjour (hello) followed by chat (cat)

What was poirot most popular saying?

his "little grey cells"

Which hand gesture is most commonly used?

The most common hand gesture is the "wave," signalling or saying hello to someone.

Where is hello kitty most popular?

hello kitty is most populair in japan (that is where the sanrio company is) .... even thought hello kitty was originated in London England it was bought by the sanrio company. did u know hello kitty was invented in 1974?

Why is Hello Kitty so popular?

hello kitty is very very popular. She's the most popular kitty in the world!!!!!Hello Kitty is popular because she is just really cute and seems to be a hit with a lot of little girls! Also women in their 30 like and live Hello Kitty in Japan! Hello Kitty is just a cute little bundle of Japanese cartoon joy so that is why she is loved so much!

Is Hello Kitty popular nationwide?

For the most part, yes. It is popular from America to Japan and lots more places in between.

What hair color do Finnish people have?

Most Finnish people have brown hair.

What is the most frequently used letter in Finnish?

The most frequently used letter in the Finnish language would be the letter "A".

What was Louis Armstrong most popular song?

"Hello Dolly"-nothing else even close.

Do most Finnish people have blue eyes?

The most common Finnish eye colours are blue and brown, so yes.

How do you say Hello in Noongar Aboriginal language?

The common Noongar greeting is "Kaya" . There are bound to be many variations and pronounciations, as there are many different dialects.

What are the most popular Japanese phrases?

The most popular Japanese phrases are those that are most commonly used by the residents of the country. These include konnichiwa or ossu, which mean hello and yokoso, which means welcome.

What is the most popular ds game for girls?

this is trough 5-7 years old HELLO KITTY

How Do U Say Hello In Japanese?

it depends on the time of day, but the most popular one is "Konnichi-wa"

Do most Finnish people fish for a living?


What dance is especially popular in Finland?

I have found some information, and think this could be the answer: The tango is a very popular dance in Finland today, but the foxtrot is the dance you'll see the most in Finnish clubs.