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What is the most powerful mythical creature?

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The most powerful mythical creature would most likely be a Griffin, a demon (The ones from hell), or a Fallen Angel

It would most likely be either the Grim Reaper or the Phoenix

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Why is the unicorn the most mythical creature?

It is a matter of opinion which mythical being is the most mythical.

Which mythical creature is most enchanting?

Unicorn or Pegasus.

What mythical creature has the head of a lion and several tails?

This description could resemble multiple mythical creature, but most closely matches the manticore which is a legendary Greek mythological creature.

What is a mythical creature called a mage?

A mage is a powerful sorcerer, much more than a simple wizard.

How do you catch a mythical creature?

Snce most mythical creatures are... well, mythical, I don't think you could catch them. They are figments of someone's imagination...

How big is the world's biggest mythical creature?

the world's biggest mythical creature is pretty big

What was the most famous mythical creature in ancient Greece?

minitore or the manticore

What mythical creatures are in Missouri?

the answer is momo that is the mythical creature in Missouri

What is a basilik?

it is a mythical creature

What mythical creature is half human and half horse?

The centaur is a mythical creature that is half human and half horse.

What does the mythical creature the hydra eat?

the mythical creature hydra eats humans or anything that scares it or goes near it.

Definition of a mythical creature?

a mythical creature is a creature which could be made up or they could be real. they can have different parts of a animal all made into 1

How many mythical creature shapes are there?

There are dozens or hundreds of mythical creature shapes.

What ant has the most powerful sting?

Bullet ant. It has the most powerful sting of any creature.

What mythical creatures are real?

None, by definition. If a creature is real, then it is not mythical.

What is a sentence using the word mythical?

Pegasus is a mythical creature

What is your favorite animal or mythical creature?

A griffin-mythical, Armadillo-real.

Is the mermaid a real creature or a mythical one?

Mermaids are mythical creatures.

Is the yeti a mythical creature?

Yeti will remain at least in part a mythical creature until there is hard evidence of it's existance.

Is Helen of Troy a mythical creature?

No, Helen of Troy was not a mythical creature, she was either mortal, or half mortal and a daughter of Zeus.

What is the most famous mythical creature?

BIGFOOT OF COURSE!!!! or lochness monsterthen theres lechete

What is an exciting mythical creature?

the minotaur

Is a unicorn a mythical creature?


Are Phoenixs real?

No, they are a mythical creature.

Is a vampire a mythical creature?


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