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Starf berry is the most rarest berry,


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Feebas is the rarest of all the Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald... A Feebas can evolve into a Milotic, which is said to be the most beautiful Pokemon...

On Pokemon emerald, just clone 99 Pokemon holding a rare candy.

Solrock is not such a rare Pokemon but you can only get them in ruby/emerald

No, but it is considered as a rare Pokemon in emerald.

the main rare Pokemon is ragwaza (soz carnt remember how to spell it <:)

Starf berry is a super rare berry in pokemon, and powers up pokemon's attack in battle. the effect will go out after the battle

Snubbull is a rare Pokemon that can only be found in the Safari Zone extension in Pokemon Emerald.

The rare candy in pokemon emerald you can get after beating trick house of north slateport city

You can get three rare candies in Pokemon ruby sapphire and emerald

have EMERALD en clone a Pokemon with that rare candy

How to duplicate rare candies in Pokemon Ruby

in the underwater grass but he is rare.

The Salac Berry is a rare berry in Pokemon Diamond. It can only be obtained from distribution events that had legendary Pokemon holding them. These events are no longer being ran or support for Pokemon Diamond.

use the Pokemon cloning glitch and have the cloned Pokemon hold the rare candy.

Get a powerful Pokemon with the Pickup ability and walk around. It should give you rare items such as rare candies.

You can make a pokemon eat a rare candy and the pokemon will automatically level up, that is if you have a rare candy.

You Need Cheats The Wild Pokemon Modifier.

use the cloning glitch and have the cloned Pokemon hold the rare candy

Underwater..... but it is very rare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well You can Get the Extremely Rare Berry named :lichie Berry and get an Wynaut (pre evolution of Wobuffet) You find the around the 40

Their are a couple of pokemon that are considered rare in emerald those are: Surskit, Seedot, Registeel, Regirock, Regice, Latios, Latias, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon, Deoxys, Mew.

you can't get jirachi in emerald, only by Nintendo events, they give out special items that helps you get rare Pokemon.

Wynaut are the only Pokemon there and the rare berry only found at Mirage Island, the Liechi Berry.

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