What is the most significant accomplishment of King Louis 16?

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Opinions vary as they always do depending on how the accomplishment affected them for the better or for the worst. But his most notable work was to reform France with enlightened ideas, such as tolerance towards non-Catholics, abolish serfdom, and remove the Taille. However his ideas were met with hostility but his work against the unpopular Ancien Regime was his most significant accomplishment as people viewed him as a symbol of tyranny, his status fell apart and he fled France. So in short, he had significant accomplishments but they weren't exactly good or popular.
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Why did King Louis 16 die?

His living presence as a hostage was not seen as equal to the threat he posed as a living symbol of the Monarchy.

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1774 Louis XVI placed Turgot in charge of finances and introduced free circulation of grain. Founded School of Medicine in Paris. 1775 D roits d'octroi were reduced, prison reform begun, and the death penalty for deserters was abolished. 1776 The king signed the six edicts of Turgot compris ( Full Answer )

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1774 Louis XVI placed Turgot in charge of finances and introduced free circulation of grain. Founded School of Medicine in Paris. 1775 D roits d'octroi were reduced, prison reform begun, and the death penalty for deserters was abolished. 1776 The king signed the six edicts of Turgot compris ( Full Answer )

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1774 Louis XVI placed Turgot in charge of finances and introduced free circulation of grain. Founded School of Medicine in Paris. 1775 D roits d'octroi were reduced, prison reform begun, and the death penalty for deserters was abolished. 1776 The king signed the six edicts of Turgot compris ( Full Answer )

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you are lucky that i just studied this a couple weeks ago. Louis the XIV took over the throne at the age of four but he had an adviser cardinal mazarin once he died Louis took over. Louis received many threats because he was young so fearing for his life he moved the palace to Versailles. he was kno ( Full Answer )

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No, he was not. In fact, if there would have been another person in his place on the throne at that time, there still would have been a revolution. Revolutionary feelings weren't new, the bourgeoisie had already had them back in the time of Louis XIV who had build Versailles, which drained the trea ( Full Answer )

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Why did people turn against King Louis 16?

Well for starters, there were major economic troubles in France, at first no one really thought it was his fault. But later on during the French Revolution king Louis tried to escape to Austria, were the queens brother was waiting to help them leave France. The king not able to get out in time and F ( Full Answer )

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