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Are women underrepresented in the us congress?

Yes, dramatically.

Which California ethnic group is most underrepresented in holding public office?

Well this is a commonly misunderstood topic, but the answer would obviously have to be...BEANERS!

What is According to the USC Annenberg School of Communications findings on very popular films released in the US and Canada in 2008 which group was most underrepresented?


What is underrepresented?

Where there is a representative body, the demographics of the assembly ought to mirror the demographics of the body they represent. Where a group forms a smaller percentage in the representative body than they do in the population at large, they are underrepresented. As an egregious example, in the year 1900, women formed about 0% of the bodies supposed to represent them, although they formed about 50% of the population, and so were seriously underrepresented.

Which group of people occupy most seats in congress?


What political group was most successful at the Congress of Vienna?


How many black members of congress?

African Americans are underrepresented in Congress, with 42 members in the House (9.5%) and only one in the Senate (1%). Whereas they represent approximately 12-14% of the total US population.

What minority does Yale University have?

By far the most underrepresented minority at Yale is people with low IQ.

What is a group of baboons called?

It is a myth that a group of baboons is called a "Congress." There was a political email chain that circulated a few years ago that made this claim. A "congress" can be a meeting or session of any group. However, according to most scientific-related sites, a group of baboons is actually called a Troop.

What does a preferential hiring policy mean?

a job policy that favours the hiring of qualified applicants from certain target group that are underrepresented in the work place

Why is a group of orangutans called a congress?

A group of orangutans is called a congress because human society has modeled what we call congress off of the interactions of a group of orangutans.

Is congress the group of babboon?

In a group they are known as a Congress, a Troop or more recently a Flange

What are the two careers MOST associated with being successful in politics both of which are underrepresented by women?

Law ans business.

What are the 3 types of affirmative action?

types of affirmative action: Preferential hiring/admissions- preference to the qualified underrepresented candidate. Goals- set by popluation percentage- preference to qualified underrepresented canidate Set asides- only qualified underrepresented candidates can apply.

What is a group of orangutans called?

A group of orangutans is called a "Congress".E.G. The local zoo has a congress of Orangutans on show.

What group of birds is called a congress?

Hmm..None that I've heard of; a group of baboons is a congress of baboons though.

Who is the group most seriously under-represented in Congress in relation to their proportion of the US population?


What is a Group of salamanders called?

A group of Salamanders is called a congress.

What is the small group called where the house of representatives and the senate do most there work?

It is called the Congress, the lawmaking body of the government.

What group of animals is called a congress?

A group of baboons can be called a congress. Sorry, this is a fallacy started by a chain email a few years ago, the correct collective noun for Baboons is a troop. Partially correct: a group of baboons can be EITHER a troop or a CONGRESS ! Yes it is called a congress!

A group that makes the laws?


Who is underrepresented and overrepresented among who uses the right to vote?

the president

Which minority group of people occupy most seats in congress?

The Representatives hold the most seats in congress though i am unsure what the current number is there are only 2 senators from each state making the number senators 100.

When was Kerala Congress - Anti-merger Group - created?

Kerala Congress - Anti-merger Group - was created in 2010.

Which group does the majority of the work in congress?

Both Houses of Congress are about equal in the amount of work they do.