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The most valuable American coin in current production is the half dollar. This half dollar is worth 50 cents when used.

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Q: What is the most valuable american coin?
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What is the most valuable Netherlands coin?

After the abolition of the Guilder, the new most valuable coin would be the 2 Euro coin

Is American 5 cent silver coin valuable and most rare?

it has no value and is by far the most rare

Which silver eagle is most valuable?

what year of silver coin is the most valuable

What is the most valuable Indian coin?

Ram darbar coin

Most valuable coin in the world?

The most valuable coin in the world is the Flowing Hair Dollar. This coin was minted in 1794. This coin last sold in 2013 for just over ten million dollars.

What is the most valuable Canadian coin?

The most valuable Canadian coin is the 1936 dot cent, which sold at auction in January for a record sale of $402,000

What is the worlds most valuable coin?

The world's most valuable coin is the rare currency at the Smithsonian. The two coins are the 1933 Double Eagle which was the last $20 gold coin and its 1849 brother.

What is Mexico's most valuable coin?

Mexico's most valuable coin is the 50 pesos gold coin from any year in the 1920's. The gold coin from 1923, 1924, and 1926 is sold for over $2,000 on eBay.

What kind of metal is the 1972 American revolution bicentennial coin made from?

The 1972 American Revolution Bicentennial coin is made from brass. There are versions of the coin that are somewhat valuable.

Most valueable coin?

The most valuable coin is a 1933 double eagle gold coin. One was sold for $3,000,000 at a bid

What American coin is most valuable?

From least to greatest: Penny Nickel Dime Quarter Half Dollar Gold and Silver Dollar

What is Australias most valuable coin?

As far as collector value on general circulation coins is concerned, the 1930 Penny would easily be Australias most valuable collectible coin.

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