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What is the most vascular part of the body?

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no palm is also vascular just the transparent membrane covering the black part of your eyes called cornea is the only non vascular part of whole body

A vascular organ is one relating to, affecting, or consisting of a vessel or vessels, especially those that carry blood. The spleen is the most vascular organ in the human body.

Epithelial tissue is known as vascular. This is part of the body.

Vascular tissue in plants can best be compared to blood vessels in people and animals.

It depends on the severity of CVA. Most of the time there are hemiparesis, aphasia and inability to swallow. Depending on what part of the brain is affected.

The aorta is a blood vessel, it is part of the cardio-vascular system.

the hand is the most used body part This person doesn't know what they are talking about... The tongue is the most used body part. These two guys have no idea, your eyes are the most used part of your body

Cartilages do not have blood vessels at all

Actually, the part of the body with the most cells is skin.

With the exception of fingernails, and cartilage, all body tissues are vascular to some degree.

Which part of your body has the most nerve endings? Which part of your body has the most nerve endings?

There are different type of muscles in our body including the vascular. This is a sentence using the word vascular.

the part of the body that has most abundant and various microbes

Your head is the heaviest part of your body.

It is the brain part of the human body that contains the most neonates.

vascular tissue in plant can best be compared to what part of our bodies

Vascular Shunting is the distribution of blood to working muscles around the body.

vascular tissues carries water and and nutrients though out the plant body

Orchids are a non-vascular plant. This is because they are part of the angiosperm group which are vascular. Edited answer:Orchids are vascular plants.

uvea is the actual vascular layer but its posteriormost part is the choroid coat. so it could be either or really. the iris is the most anterior area though

The Sunflower is one of the most beautiful vascular plant.

Yes , majority of plants are vascular .

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