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What is the most wins in one season in the MLB?


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The 2002 Seattle Mariners, with 116.

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The 1906 Chicago Cubs and the 2001 Seattle Mariners are tied for the Major League regular season win record with 116 wins.

Reims is the Ligue 1 team with most wins in one season.

Braves have 25 in 2010 on 27SEP Nope. Braves had 13 walk-off wins during the regular season of 2010. One of the walk-off wins was a PH Ultimate Grand Slam by Brooks Conrad.

That would depend on when one believes the 'modern era' of MLB began. For this answer, we will take Baseball Almanac's year of 1977 as the beginning of the 'modern era'. Since 1977, the most wins in a season by a pitcher is 27 by Bob Welch of the Oakland Athletics in 1990.

It was Arsenal who went one season without a loss.

The Cubs (1906) and Mariners (2001) who won 116 games in one season.

Mark Reynolds, the third basemen on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

In MLB, Warren Spahn of the 1963 Milwaukee Braves with 23 wins at the age of 42.

That would be Richard Petty in 1967 with 27 wins.

As of today, January 1st, 2012, Arizona Cardinals have the most overtime wins. The hold the record at 4 overtime wins in one season.

108 in 1986 when they won the world series

Yankees record is 21 wins over A's recently. Don't know about other teams.

Chicago Bulls 1995-1996 season. Regular: 70-12

Most Wins Regular Season: 62 - Detroit Red Wings, 1995-96 60 - Montreal Canadians, 1976-77 59 - Montreal Canadians, 1977-78 the question was most CONSECUTIVE wins, not most wins. The actual answer is Pittsburgh with 17 in 92-93

Jeff Gordon's career high in wins for a season was 13 in 1998.

Richard Petty won the most races in one season with 27 in 1967.

The 2001 Brewers, who struck out a record 1.399 times.

The most wins the Dallas Cowboys had in one season was 13. They did this twice, finishing 13-3 in both the 1992 and 2007 seasons.

Nolan Ryan set the single season MLB record for strikeouts in 1973 with 383.

In MLB, Barry Bonds with 73 homers in one season followed by Mark McGwire with 70.

The MLB pitcher with the most wins for one team is Hall of Famer Walter Johnson who won 417 games for the Washington Senators between 1907-1927.

Rickey Henderson stole 130 bases in 1982, the record.

Eppa Rixey has 179 career wins as a Cincinnati Red. When looking at wins in a single season, Will White won 43 games in 1883. In the modern era, Dolf Luque's (1923) and Bucky Walters (1939) each had 27 wins in one season.

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