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The motto of Marygiri Senior Secondary School is 'Light and Peace'.

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The motto of Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School is 'Virtue and Labour'.

The motto of Bhartiya Public Senior Secondary School is 'Pursuit of Excellence'.

The motto of Nehale Senior Secondary School is 'Education crown of future'.

The motto of Government Senior Secondary School Central Pendam is 'Work is Workship'.

Holy Cross Senior Secondary School Kapa's motto is 'Motto:Go Forth To Serve'.

The motto of Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School is 'Saha Veerya Karavavahai'.

The motto of Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School is 'Duty, Integrity, Discipline'.

The motto of Anglo Arabic Senior Secondary School is 'Find a Way or Make One'.

The motto of P. S. Senior Secondary School is 'Shilene Shobitha Vidya'.

St. Peter's Boys Senior Secondary School's motto is 'Dignitati Hominum'.

The motto of Rutland Senior Secondary School is 'A caring community challenging students to pursue excellence in lifelong endeavours'.

St. Mark's Senior Secondary Public School's motto is 'Loyalty, Truth & Honour'.

The motto of UC Senior Secondary College Lake Ginninderra is 'Commitment to Excellence'.

The motto of Wodonga Senior Secondary College is 'Every student, every opportunity, success for all'.

The motto of Mayfield Senior School is 'Actions not words'.

Sivagiri Sree Narayana Senior Secondary School's motto is 'Duty. Integrity. Discipline.'.

The motto of Chaucer Secondary School is 'Together we can'.

The motto of Temasek Secondary School is 'We Care'.

The motto of Lynwood Senior High School is 'Sincerity'.

The motto of Hamilton Senior High School is 'Be True'.

The motto of Melville Senior High School is 'Service'.

The motto of Collie Senior High School is 'We Strive'.

The motto of Warwick Senior High School is 'Integrity'.

Savitaben Girdharlal Mayachand Shiroiya Senior Secondary School's motto is 'Excellency In Education'.

The motto of Kansenshi Secondary School is 'Seize the Day!'.