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Portugal has no official motto.

From 1926 to 1974, the motto was 'Deus, Pátria e Família!' ('God, Country and Family'). On Apr 25 1974 the 'Cloves Revolution' took place and, since this was a fascist motto, it was basically forgotten and disused.

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Q: What is the motto of Portugal?
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What is the motto of Catholic University of Portugal?

The motto of Catholic University of Portugal is 'A Ω Veritati'.

What is the motto of Kingdom of Portugal?

The motto of Kingdom of Portugal is 'Vis Unita Maior Nunc et Semper'.

What is the motto of Portugal in English?

I don't think Portugal has a motto, but according to this webpage: it is "O bem da Nação" which means "The good of the nation". I am Portuguese and have never heard this, so I still sustain it has no motto...

What is Portugal Cove-St. Philip's's motto?

Portugal Cove-St. Philip's's motto is 'Where the Sun Meets the Sea'.

What is the motto of National Republican Guard Portugal?

The motto of National Republican Guard - Portugal - is 'Pela Lei e Pela Grei'.

What is Kingdom of Portugal's motto?

The motto of Kingdom of Portugal is 'The united force now and always'.

Which European country did the Romans call Lusitania?


What is the national motto for Portugal?

There is none. Not all countries have a national motto. Portugal is one such country. For it's not known to have a saying that either characterizes the entire nation or indicates the national mission. Portugal is located on the southwest coast of Europe. The country shares space with neighboring Spain on the Iberian Peninsula. And Spain has a national motto, which is 'Plus Ultra', or 'Further Beyond'. The motto is a challenge to the ancient warning that was carved into the ancient Pillars of Hercules. The Pillars were one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. They were located near the meeting of the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. They served to warn ancient sailors of the limits of the known world of the Mediterranean. That warning was 'Nec Plus Ultra', or 'No further beyond [this point]'. But Portugal may not have found it necessary to have a national motto. It even may have been redundant to do so. For the Portuguese always have been known for going further beyond, in the challenges that they have raised and met. Examples are the founding of an independent nation, the keeping of a distinct national identify, and the knowing of the rest of the world through the courage and skills of their navigators and sailors.

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