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"The Pianist" is the true story of Wladyslaw Szpilman , a Polish Jew and a brilliant pianist who lived in Warsaw during the second World War . Beginning soon after the Blitzkrieg , the film follows Szpilman's experience as he witnesses all the oppression from the Germans , from restricting Jewish access to executing Jews in rows . Before long , Szpilman's family is brought together to be shipped off to Nazi labor camps , but he manages to elude deportation . From then on , Szpilman tries to survive among the devastated Warsaw ghetto.

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Q: What is the movie The Pianist about?
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What is the movie ''The Pianist'' about?

The Pianist is a true story about Waldyslaw Spilzman, a Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivor and pianist.

What is the theme in the movie the pianist?

The theme in the movie "The Pianist" was by Frederic Chopin, called Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor.

Was The Pianist a 21st century movie that is not predominantly in black and white?

The 21st century movie that is not predominantly in black and white is the PIANIST.

What is the setting in the movie The Pianist?

Warsaw, Poland.

What is the purpose of the movie The Pianist?

To entertain and make money

Who can watch the movie the pianist?

"The Pianist" (2002) is rated 'R'. You must be 17 unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

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What 21st century movie is not predominantly in black and white?

The Pianist

What is the climax in the movie The Pianist?

Mostly when Spilzman is nearly caught.

Who actually played the piano in the movie Rhapsody?

Claudio Arrau was the pianist for the 1954 movie Rhapsody.

What awards did the movie The Pianist win?

The movie 'The Pianist' won three Oscars for 'Best Actor', 'Best Director' and 'Best Adapted Screenplay'. It also won two BAFTA awards and an award at Cannes.

Who won an Academy Award for lead actor in the movie The Pianist?

Adrien Brody.

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