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I have an IDI non turbo 7.3 1990, F350 4wd , auto, with a very heavy (1,700lbs?) utility bed. At 65 mph I get 14.5 mpg.

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14-19 mpg just depends on what kind of drive train

Mine is getting 10ish without the overdrive engaging, so I'd guess it would do better with overdrive.

It seems to be around 13/18 city/Hwy

all in all with the variations of rear ends average of about 15

I know of a 1994 7.3L IDI (indirect injection) Diesel same setup as the 1993 and I am told that with an automatic transmisssion and dull rear wheels it gets 12 mpg. In 1995 the powerstroke engine came in, which may increase milage slightly for years 1995 - 2003.

depending on tire size and gear ratio in axle 15-19 mpg

I have a 1993 Lebaron with 3.0 Liter and Automatic. I get between 23-26 mpg.

The 1.4 liter engine does an average of 4.5 l/ 100 km or about 60 mpg

According to the EPA Fuel Economy Guide, all 1993 Cadillac models with a 4.9 liter engine rate as follows: Highway: 23 MPG City: 15 MPG Combined: 17 MPG

I have a 1994 Ford E350 with a 7.3 liter diesel motor. When I'm driving empty, I can get 14 mpg. When I'm pulling a 5,000 pound trailer, I get 10 mpg.

i am getting 26 MPG but with big tires and 75 on the freeway

City12 mpg (19.6 litres/100km)Hwy17 mpg (13.8 litres/100km)Combined14 mpg (16.8 litres/100km)

What is the mpg on 1996 chevy 3500 diesel, 2wd auto?

16-20 mpg for the Diesel version of the excursion. 8-12 mpg for the gas version 5.4 liter V8

Depends on the year, condition of the engine, size of the truck, gear ratio of the axles, size of the tires, driving habits, etc. Could be as low as 12 MPG or as high as 28 MPG

32 km/liter = about 90.394 mpg in UK measure and about 75.269 mpg in US measure.

Use this formula: mpg x 0.425 = km per liter

It's looking like about 12 mpg on my f350, Runs great too.

20 mpg is equal to about 8.502 km per liter.

The 6.0L Powerstroke Turbo Diesel V8 which was produced from 2003 to 2007, got a city MPG rating of 14 and a highway MPG rating of 19. The combined average MPG would be 16.5.