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The song that the music video is written around.

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Q: What is the music in a music video?
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Was the ring in the kersone music video in another music video?

Yes. The ring in the Kerosene music video was in another music video.

Where can you buy video game music?

You can buy video game music in a number of different places. You can buy video game music from your local music store for example.

Who's the actress in the korn music video?


What name is the Fergie video?

Was a Short Film with music, not a Music Video.

How did they dress in their music video?

Depending on which music video you're talking about...

Who is the actress in you Breaking Benjamin music Video?

There isn't a music video for You.

How do you find a certain music video on YouTube?

Search: artist music's name oficial music video paramore ignorance oficial music video

What is an Explicit music video?

An explicit music video is one with swearing and/or nudity.

How do you turn a video into music?

to turn a video to music have a mp3 player and c

Was keri hilson in usher music video?

she was in "love in this club" music video

Was Allison iraheta in Adam Lambert music video?

Yes. She was in the music video for 'If I Had You'

Who is in the stand by you music video by shinee?

There is no official music video for that song by SHINee.

When was Video Music Box created?

Video Music Box was created in 1983.

Who is the girl in th come get her music video?

The music video by Rae sumurd

What is this background music to this video?

In order to know the background music for a specific video we need to know the name of the video.

What movie does Emily Osment do a music video for?

Emily Osment does a music video for the Sleeping Beauty movie and she made a music video with Mitchel Musso "if i didnt have you".

Who do you speak to about having your truck appear in a music video. I have a beautiful Freightliner and I would like to have it used for a music video.?

If they want it for a music video, they'll contact you.

When was MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video created?

MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video was created in 1984.

What song had puppets and cheese in the music video?

The music video for Young, Wild and Free.

Who is music video director mr changa?

Is an American Music Video and Film Director.

Was Drew Seely in Keke Palmer's music video for Keep it Movin?

No, he was not in her music video.

When does Demi Lovato music video for gift of a friend come out?

The music video is already out! :)

Was Moises arias in a music video with the Jonas brothers?

Yes he was in the SOS music video

Who is Lucy in the Skillet music video?

Skillet has never made a music video for "Lucy"

Did Selena's music video for round and round copy hilarry's with love music video?