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Q: What is the muslim word for love?
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Do zain malik love to be a Muslim?

if he doesnot love being muslim so what keeps him on islam . of course he love being a muslim

What is the word for a female Muslim?

The word for a female Muslim is Muslimah.

Does Justin bieber love Muslim s' people?

i think justin bieber love muslim girls beoucouse i am a muslim girl and i love him so much

What Is The Word For A Muslim Wife?

There is no special word for a Muslim wife.

Your parents had a love marriage your brothers had love marriage but they don't accept your love iam a Muslim and the boy is also Muslim please suggest a wazaif for your love marriage?

im Muslim to and the best thing is ewait

What does the Muslim word Icra mean?

The Muslim word "Iqra" means to "Read".

What is the Muslim word for gift?

its not Muslim word ,u cannot hv it ......... but an urdu word .... its called, TOHFA

What is another word for Muslim people?

Muslim Ummah, which means the Muslim nation.

Is Islam a Muslim religion?

yes. Muslim is the doer form of Islam. the "Mu" in Muslim word is like "er" in teacher word.

What is good morning in Muslim?

"Muslim" is not a language. It is a word for the members of the Islamic faith. You can't ask for a word "in Muslim" any more than you can ask for a word "in Christian."

Can you use the word Muslim in a sentence?

You are a Muslim if you believe in Islam.

What is the i love you too in Muslim?

There are many ways to express to someone that you love them. If you are learning the Muslim language, the proper phrase to say "I love you too" is Ana Ahebak.

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