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What is the name Abby short for?


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"Abby" can be a name on its own, or a nickname for anything beginning with "Ab." The most common, however, is "Abigail."


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Abby (also Abi) is short for Abigail.

Abby is short for Abigail. Abigail means Father's Joy.

Possibly, but I'd think Abby is the diminutive of ABIGAIL.

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Abby has no meaning in Hawaiian, other than a person's name.

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the name Abby can come the Hebrew language. the name Abigail means fathers joy.

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Abby is not a Greek name, so you can't say it in Greek. ANSWER: You would pronounce it the same way you would in English, "Abby."

his favourie name is abby .

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